Aspirin induced asthma

Can aspirin induce asthma?
• Answer: It is now estimated that about ten percent of acute asthmatic attacks are caused by the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

• At Pennsylvania State University researchers have found aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs among the main culprits.

Beta-blockers, used widely to treat heart disease and hypertension, are risky for asthma patients. About half of all asthma patients using beta-blockers will have adverse reactions.

• Asthma treated with steroids will result in a serious increase in the loss of bone mineral. The recent increased mortality rate in asthmatics is believed to be due to the newly developed asthma drugs.
Source: Comprehensive Therapy 22(6):339;1996

• All drugs, but especially these listed, should be avoided if possible.

• Sodium metabisulfite is present in several medications used for asthma. Sensitivity to metabisulfite has caused many asthmatics to get worse.

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