Natural Remedies For Constipation!
The Best Way How To Cure Constipation!

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• It is easy to find natural remedies for constipation if we are following the reason-consequences rule!

• When our food is fiber-less then the mass in the bowels is transported slowly and water is taken from the bowel and we have dry and painful urge.

• Maybe you are asking yourself: what to take for constipation, or how I can find relief for this constipation? Is it possible to find some helpful home remedy for constipation?

• Yes! If you switch to healthy lifestyle, you can forget about the constipation related problems!

• The most important thing is fiber rich diet which also saves us from other diseases. Why?

• Because slow downing the passage of the food in the bowel leads to impaired function of the bowels, rotting processes, caused by a large amount of income spoilage bacteria in meat and dairy products, fermentation processes, which are caused by high intake of simple sugars and inappropriate combination of food…

More about the fiber as one of the natural remedies for constipation you can read here

• Constipation can be caused by other disease and conditions, and in that case is followed with many other signs which enables the further diagnosis of the disease. It can be side effect from some medicament's too.

Let’s see what can bring relieve to our everyday life, and maybe it will be nice to take a moment to consider how it can be incorporate in our life with not much trouble.

Natural Remedies For Constipation:

1. Fiber rich diet -This is the most important thing. Without this point, everything is just tormenting of the soul.

• And if we have healthy lifestyle in which is incorporate this element, than everything is much more easier, much less risks, constant energy flowing-no hypoglycemia, help with addictions, and many other things...

You can read about this most important home remedy for constipation in this article here

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2. Proper water drink is second important tip for overcoming constipation.

Why is important? Because is necessary to maintain the stool in proper consistency, and the combination with fiber is the key.

Fibers are like sponge and they receive the water up to couple times from their volume and the result is proper bowel movement with cleaning. More about this mechanism in the article about drinking water how and when, you can read here

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3. Exercising is the third pillar of the proper lifestyle, in which there is no constipation.

For example walking increases circulation ,strengthens the heart and exercises the abdominal muscles, all of which are important to good bowel function.(1)

Although this is very important I would say that if we have resolved the first two elements in this list, maybe exercise will not be so crucial, in my opinion.

Exercising, or at least walking is essential for many other conditions. It is important preventive and healing life issue. More you can read here

4. Weight management as the overeating can lead to constipation(2), and there are some theories claiming that constipation can cause weight gain.…More here...

5. Stress management… More you can read here...

6. Hydrotherapy is one very good home remedy for constipation.Cold bath-shower or enema can be very helpful, especially in urgent cases. More here

7. Massage can be very helpful home remedy for constipation. We can have automassage ourselves, or to be helped from somebody else like masseur. More here

8. Natural constipation remedies Vs laxatives. Laxatives can lead to dependence, and like all medications they have side effects.

High levels of dissatisfaction have been reported (47%) for laxative medications and over-the-counter remedies and for the majority (82%) this is due to lack of effectiveness. All anti-inflammatory and antihistamine can cause constipation. More here…(Page under construction)

9. Some types of tea can be used as constipation remedies. Also prune juice if prepared properly. For tea more here,and for prune juice on this page here

10.No article of clothing should leave even a faint mark on the skin.

There are some diseases or conditions which include constipation or are related with constipation in some way, and lifestyle changes with some certain natural remedies for constipation can be very helpful. For example: Diverticulosis, irritable bowel syndrome, pregnancy …

• Conclusion: Strict vegetarian life with some special natural remedies for constipation ,and natural treatments, can bring relieve! We can enjoy in our food which can help us with the satiation, weight management, maintained energy-no hypoglycemia, nice habits with clean bowels and easy life.

Be in good health!

1.Tidy,N.M. Massage and Remedial Exercise
2.Bollettino Societa Italiania Biologia Sperimentale 57(23) 2384-8, Dec. 15, 1981.)(115-Ehrlich, David and George Wolf. The Bowel Book, New York: Schocken Books, 1981)
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