The advantage of using natural high blood pressure cures

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• A pill will fight only the symptoms, but the natural high blood pressure cures will fight the cause of the hypertension.

• Take medication until your doctor says that it is not anymore necessary!

• The risk from hypertension is 8 times more for stroke, 3 times more for heart attack, 5 times more for heart failure.

High blood pressure cures:

1. Minimum Salt intake. Sea salt is better then table salt because has many other minerals then sodium. Salt makes blood volume to be bigger, ending with hypertension.

Keep salt out of the table! Canned foods often have a lot of sodium! Substitution? Vegetables contain sodium itself and you can add some good spices like oregano, marjoram,parsley etc. With this combination you can survive without salt or with very little sea salt.

If you eat healthy sweet breakfast, then you will drop your salt intake at least for 1/3. If you use only whole grains and fiber - rich food, then it is even possible to have just two meals.

More about the High Sodium Processed Foods you can read here.

2. Exercises Walking is the safest exercise for the heart!

Start with very easy walking pace as much as you can without extortion! Later increase the speed and the length. Crucial is to be everyday practice and at least 30min.-1hour activity! Aerobic activities are also acceptable.

Having proper diet and exercise regime you can resolve constipation too.

3. Clean the blood vessels. If they are constricted and clogged with cholesterol, you have risk of muscle suffering, in case of the heart arteries you will have Angina pectoris.

• If you have clot flowing in your blood, than you can suffer heart attack or stroke.

• We can start with nice meal looking like this:
alt text
This is giving you 0% of cholesterol, and doesn’t look bad! Some guidance about this read here .

4. Overweight. If you are overweight your heart must work more.

5. Give up alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes!

• Replacement: Unrefined strictly vegetarian diet which gives us stable energy whole day.

• Caffeine: The same+ carob, or wheaten drink
• Cigarettes: The same written like in alcohol + fresh air ….

6. Manage stress- solution: Organized life with clear healthy goal, quality social life.

• Structural: Finding the sources of stress and manage them: Firstly – white paper, secondly: How many aspects has human life to receive stress (and where I have received it), third: What is good and healthy possibility to resolve this, fourth: How can I do that? Problem solved! Now let’s go to the details of this solution.

• First you need time to do this researching, or to have ability to do this. .

• Ability: If I don’t have it, than how can I develop it? Or if I don’t have it who has it? If you have money, pay for that some man who knows how to help you, or take a course -of course be carefully with this things, but you need to know that many minds are stronger than one(if they have ability).

• Fast solution is to have some friends with whom you can discuss this issues. It’s good to have friends on which you can relieve (need to be careful here also).

• Many of our stressful life situations are due to: the detached life from nature, not enough sunbathing, fear, not accepting simpler life, poor social life etc.. This are the same reasons for using alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.

7.Garlic helps a lot.

8. Recommended program is fruit and rice, alone, for 1-2 weeks.

“Medical and scientific research has established clear links between dietary factors and the risk of developing coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, several cancers, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. This knowledge is now sufficiently strong to enable governments to assess national eating patterns, identify risks, and then protect their populations through policies that make healthy food choices the easy choices.” World Health Organization (WHO) Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases, 1990

“The optimal diet consists of grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruit, with <10%-15% of its calories coming from fat. This diet minimizes the likelihood of stroke, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cancers of the breast, prostate, colon, rectum, uterus, and ovary. There are no known adverse effects of such a diet when mineral and vitamin contents are adequate.” –Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, Cleveland Clinic

If you prefer book,i can recommend you one from Agatha Thrash called:"Natural Treatments for Hypertension", and you can find it here.

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