Bicycle Touring 

Why bicycle touring?

- Because it is cheap!

- Because it is environmentally friendly!

- Because It improves health! (when practiced by a good regime)

Bicycle touring is giving you a sense of being self sufficient from the modern environment. It makes your mind start working! In that time you don't need different  ways to amuse yourself with artificial pleasures!  You are here, and you are active! For those who work inside it can be life changing. You can think of it as going on a camping with your own house (tent), your bad(neoprene), sleeping bag, with your kitchen and driving on a fuel from your food!

That is why i believe you can find the best travel journals by bicycle tourers! Fresh air and active life!

Last year i was on a tour to Romania and Bulgaria. It was my first long distance tour. On the way up, i did not had much time, so i have used more train than riding, but on the way going back i was ready to go full 1.300km. I was encouraged by the experiences from the western people going  big distances, as we discussed this issue with some friends here.

My bike is a simple one, i believe. Raleigh bike with steel frame, stable one,with shimano 7speed 13-30. I really needed those 11 and 34 tooth's on the cassette. I hope this year i will have this change made, as i have now 8 speed shifters, and i need this change of the cassette. It can come complicated since probably it will need new rear hub...

How did i like it? I have changed my regime to stealth camping, instead of asking continuously where i can camp. The "leave no trace" is a must! It gives beautiful rest time, and maximum endurance, although i believe is not always applicable, or turbo safe.

You can follow my journal here on this website...

In the meantime touring in Macedonia was possible even in the winter months as it had very often nice weather this year.

If someone needs information about the routes in Macedonia let me know.

My plan for this year is a tour to the Czech Republic, and maybe Germany and France. Planed date is 03 of June...

Czech Republic is to visit some friends and Healthy lifestyle projects, in Hungary one Lifestyle Center, as in France one project, and to see the German environment and the rural Germany and France. Let us hope for the best, taking experiences. From next year we would like to buy a land for organic farm in the warm Macedonia, and some day to have a Healthy Lifestyle Center!

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