What is activated charcoal?

1. What is activated charcoal?

• Activated charcoal is a remedy from nature and it is made by burning wood or coconut shells in a placewhere there is no air, like in a covered hole in the ground. Activated charcoal is carbon that has been treated with oxygen.

• Activation/Oxidation: Raw material or carbonized material is exposed to oxidizing atmospheres (carbon dioxide, oxygen, or steam) at temperatures above 250 °C, usually in the temperature range of 600–1200 °C. The treatment results in a highly porous charcoal.

• There is also chemical activation: Prior to carbonization, the raw material is impregnated with certain chemicals.

Like usual charcoal this medicine has been used for thousands of years.Many people use charcoal to make fires, for cooking, and for heating up water.

• You can also use charcoal like a medicine.To do this, you first break charred wood into small pieces andThen you can store the charcoal powder in a dry, tightlycovered container; this will keep it fresh for a very long time.

• This home charcoal will be three times less efficient than the activated charcoal. And for making it the best choice is some three like linden.

• What is activated charcoal from animal origin? This kind of charcoal is produced from animal remains. You do not want to use this type of charcoal

2. How it’s work

It works like a sponge soaking in poisons and germs that causesickness. When the germs and the poisons become trapped inthe charcoal, they stop causing sickness, and are carried out ofthe body.

3. Activated charcoal uses

Charcoal has been used through the ages to absorb a variety of poisons including lead, DDT, strychnine, camphor, alcohol, hemlock, Malathion, nicotine, mercury, phosphorus, iron, silver, potassium permanganate, and many other chemicals and drugs.
The charcoal powder is stirred into water and the patient drinks the charcoal water.

Why is charcoal such a good medicine?

It is:
• Easy to get or make
• Easy to use (both inside and outside of the body)
• Very cheap
• Safe to use! (and it)
• Works well for many diseases

A. Internal

Let’s learn more about how we can use charcoal to treatdiseases.

Charcoal can be used to help treat the inside of our body for:• Gas
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting, (and even)
• Poisoning

B. External:

Just as we have learned how charcoal can be used inside thebody, there are also many conditions where we can usecharcoal externally or on the outside the body.

• Infections or inflammation of the skin and joints
• Eye and ear infections
• Wounds from poisonous plants
• Bee stings and other insect bites
• Spider and snake bites

How do we use charcoal on the skin?
Charcoal can be used as a bath or applied as a plaster.The charcoal bath is used to treat large areas of the body. It issimple to prepare, just add 2 cups of charcoal powder to a tubThe charcoal plaster is useful for treating smaller body areas.

Here are directions for preparing and applying a plaster:
• Mix charcoal powder and a little water and make a wetcharcoal paste.
• Spread the paste on one half of a thin, folded piece ofcloth. Then cover the paste with the other half of thecloth.
• Place the charcoal plaster on the affected body part—making sure it completely covers the area.
• Wrap the charcoal plaster with plastic—to keep it fromdrying out.
• Bandage or tape the plaster securely in place.


You can store the charcoal powder in a dry, tightly covered container; this will keep it fresh for a very long time.Charcoal has no smell or taste. It is completely safe.

Burned food is not charcoal. Burned food is bad for the body, but charcoal is good medicine.


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