Natural remedies for asthma

• We need to research natural remedies for asthma because a number of medications often used by asthmatics may produce a rebound similar to that produced by nose drops.

• Aerosol nebulizers induce a dependency, and may produce thick, dry, mucus plugs. Sodium metabisulfite is present in several medications used for asthma. Sensitivity to metabisulfite has caused many asthmatics to get worse.

• Asthma is a disease process that is characterized by paradoxical narrowing of the bronchi (lung passageways) making breathing difficult.


• There are two different phases in natural asthma treatments and the treating the asthmatic:
- The first is that of treating the acute attacks.
- The second is treating the patient between attacks, in an attempt to lengthen the time between the attacks, and eventually to eliminate them entirely as the patient learns more about how to control lifestyle.

Remedies have two objectives:

1. Locating and isolating the causes (elimination of the cause represents the very best treatment), and,

2. Relieving the symptoms.

Acute Attacks

1. Since anxiety naturally accompanies the acute attack,the first step in the natural remedies for asthma is allaying fear. Have the person bend over slightly and blow forcefully through a very tiny pinpoint hole made by putting the mouth against the closed fist on the thumb side where the index finger curls around leaving a tiny hole. The effort to blow through such a small hole will actually open up the bronchi a bit, and breathing is immediately a little easier.

2. A glass of water every ten minutes for a hour will often dilute allergens, and loosen secretions so they can be brought up more easily.

3. Blend four cloves of garlic in a cup of lukewarm water until thoroughly blended. Pour the material into a cup and drink it rapidly.About this home remedy for asthma you can read here...

4. Boil one to five Aloe vera leaves in a pan of water and inhale the vapors with a towel over your head and the pot. You can also do the same inhalation treatment using a few boiled potatoes.

5. At bedtime take one tablespoon of sunflower or corn oil before retiring. It helps breathing during sleep.

6. Cranberry juice can be one of the very helpful natural remedies for asthma...

7. Sleeping with a hot water bottle or electric heating pad under the feet and knees is a great help in relieving congestion of the lungs which asthmatics generally suffer.

8. The use of hot and cold water applications will often bring an attack to a close in a few minutes.

9. Several massage strokes are helpful.

10. Use a vaporizer in the room, cool air type, with some kind of medication such as menthol or oil of eucalyptus in the water.

11. A neutral bath at around 95-97 degrees (35-36,1 Celsius), maintained for one to five hours encourages easy breathing in some patients.

12. The acute asthmatic attack can often be relieved by the Heimlich maneuver, the same maneuver that has saved lives of people choking on food.

13. It is now estimated that about ten percent of acute asthmatic attacks are caused by the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Prevention of Asthma and Asthmatic Attacks

• Eat a nourishing diet. Include garlic and onions. Eat lightly.

• Avoid processed and junk food, and do not use nicotine, alcohol, or caffeine. Do not use chocolate, fish, eggs, and other common allergenic foods. Avoid foods containing additives.

• Avoid bananas and melons, especially if you are also sensitive to ragweed.

• Do not use milk products. You may be allergic to wheat products. Do not eat ice cream or other cold liquids. Cold can shock the bronchial tubes into a spasm.

• Research has revealed that a fat-free diet can help reduce asthma attacks.

• Be sure and drink enough water. This vital fluid is greatly needed to keep your lungs and bronchi free of thickened phlegm.

• Strictly adhere to the above diet.

• Learn to play a wind instrument, harmonica, or sing, it can improve the breathing capacity. Practice deep breathing when you are out-of-doors.

• Have regular physical exercise. Hiking, swimming, etc. are good. You need to build up your lung capacity and utilization. This will strengthen your entire respiratory tract. A person at rest uses only 10% of his lung capacity; hard work increases it to about 50%.

Exhale forcefully through a small drinking straw into a large bottle of water. This forces the bronchial tubes to expand somewhat and become larger.

• Some asthmatics have problems when they breathe too deeply. One way to minimize exercise-induced asthma is to wear a mask that retains heat and moisture and limits the effects of cold, dry air.

• Spend a few minutes each day practicing standing tall, expanding your chest, and breathing deeply. Devise simple exercises (on the floor, against walls, etc.) which help you do this.

• Move out to the country where the air is purer.

• The sulfurous compounds and mustard oils in onions help prevent inflammation that leads to asthma attacks and other respiratory disorders, even tuberculosis and whooping cough. If one drinks onion juice before an exposure to irritants, it reduces asthmatic attacks by 50 percent. One-half an onion cooked and one-half raw with a meal is the dosage. Onion juice can relieve an acute asthmatic attack. Crush or blend in a blender enough to make one-quarter cup of juice. Sip it over a five to ten minute period.— International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology 94:262-65; 1991

• Childhood asthma may be linked to too much sugar and fat in the diet.–Andrew Bowser, 1996 Medical Tribune News Service, 5-14; That is way the natural remedies for asthma are worthy of having them like preventive...

• Practice breathing through your nose rather than your mouth.

• Go on a juice fast, 3 days each month, of distilled water and lemon juice, to help clean out the body of toxins and mucous.

• Reduce stress. Avoid worry and fear.

• Get a good vacuum cleaner and get rid of the dust and dust mites in your bed, cushions, rugs, and floor. Avoid goose feathers (pillows and down coats). Dead cockroaches are also known to produce a dust which can bring on an attack. House plants may contain mold spores. Keep the bathroom clean of mold, also under the sinks.

• Eliminate things from the house which harbor dust: carpets, venetian blinds, draperies, etc. Washable cotton curtains are all right. Avoid the use of electric fans; they stir up dust.

• Practice "sleep breathing." This is done by breathing slower and deeper than normal, with a three second pause at the top of the inspiration and at the end of the expiration.

• Try eliminating nuts, shellfish, tomatoes, strawberries, dairy products (carefully reading labels).

• Avoid foods containing additives, yellow or red food dyes, acetyl salicylic acid, sulfur dioxide, sodium benzoate, and meta-bisulfite, alcohol in all its forms.

Also avoid syrups, toppings, processed meats, vinegar, dehydrated vegetables, alcoholic beverages, and processed cheese. In ragweed sensitive persons, bananas and melons may also need to be removed from the diet, as there is often a cross sensitivity.

• Avoid foods likely to contain yeast or molds. Following is a list of many of these:

Baked goods containing yeast, Mayonnaise, whey or other dairy products, Mushrooms, Buttermilk, yogurt, cream cheese,Pickles, Canned tomato juices or any food held in Relishes,the refrigerator more than a few days, Sausages Catsup Smoked meats, Cheese Sour cream, Cider Sauerkraut, Kim Chee, Corned beef Soy Sauce if fermented, Cottage cheese & similar seasonings, Dried fruits Spoiled leftovers, Green olives Vinegar, Hot dogs Wine, beer, any alcoholic drink.

• Find all known causes for asthmatic attacks and eliminate those promptly.

Spiritual aspects of the treatment of asthma should not be overlooked. These include Bible study, meditation, and prayer.

• If you have asthma you should reduce the amount of salt you eat as too much sodium aggravates asthma.

• Learn sleep breathing — slow and deep on the first phase with a three second pause at the top of inspiration, and at the end of expiration.

Grapefruit skin boiled in water on the stove can be used for asthma or hay fever. Take a tablespoonful or two several times a day. Use the skin from one grapefruit in one-half gallon of water boiled for half an hour.

Tryptophan constricts bronchi, the gastrointestinal tract, and blood vessels, and worsens asthma. More here...

• Avoid chewing gum having chicle as the base, as some are allergic to it.

• Reduced asthma symptoms were observed in asthma patients who took in foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. The best sources of omega-3 fatty acids are walnuts and flaxseed, but other nuts and seeds contain some also.

Herbal teas for Asthma. For this natural remedies for asthma you can read here...

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