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The disease comes as an effort of the nature to free the system from condition that result from a violation of the laws of health.

• When we use natural remedies we are assisting the nature in the efforts to restore the health in us!

Non-profitable organization

• Our goal is to build a Healthy Lifestyle Center in Macedonia. This Center need to be in nature with organic farm, making it possible for the people to choose natural treatments.

2012 Report...

• You can support this cause with your donations here.

Current need: Buying land for starting organic farm - Any help is welcomed!;
Building Healthy Lifestyle Center;
Other need: Car for transportation;

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# Update for Mart 2012:
We are organizing 1 Day cooking classes. Healthy presentation, healthy cooking! Call 00389.

# Update for June 2011:
We are organizing Health week seminar in nature. Berovo, Pehcevo and Kozuf. Health presentation, healthy cooking, walks, neck massage, hydrotherapy, charcoal... Price for 7 day: 70€.
Contact here.

# Update for February 2011:
We have opened two more clubs in the city of Gevgelija, and Kavadarci. In the city of Prilep we can't find hall with proper heating...

# Update for December 2010:
We have registered Non profitable organization called 'Center for preventive medicine and natural healing', and we have started with the first Health Club in the town of Veles.

•Our plan is to establish more Health Clubs through out Macedonia!

I have studied healthy lifestyle courses in the Institute of Healthy lifestyle in the Czech Republic, and I was thrilled with the results of natural therapies and how many people find cure for their diseases like arthritis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, constipation, and even stability for diseases like thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus and many more.

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• In this Institute of healthy lifestyle I finished courses for vegan cooking, Healthy lifestyle Counselor, Organic agriculture; next year I continued with Natural therapies, Personal trainer and Masseur, - all this treatments used in many healthy life style centers worldwide like Uchee Pines Institute, Wildwood institute, Weimar institute; (in USA), and Hergelia (Romania), Cedarvale Health & Lifestyle Retreat (Australia) and many more…

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• is here to provide healthy solutions for variety of diseases and conditions, and to give directions for one healthy lifestyle which is the most vividly lifestyle and in the same time the best prevention from varieties of illness in this civilized time.

Thanks for your help!

• Thank you for taking time to review this site. You can contact me in this form here

All the best in your life,let it be full with health, energy and fullness.

Your friend Healthy lifestyle counselor Donev Panče.

Site Build It!

Building your own web site

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