Coughing Steam inhalation

Q: Can i use steam inhalation for coughing or bronchitis?
• A:Steaming is when warm moist air is directed to the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and it helps with local congestion and dry cough.

It can do moistening of the mucous membranes and reduce irritation and releases secretion accelerates leaving phlegm from the throat and lungs.

1. Throat irritation.
2. Acute or chronic inflammation, and nasal congestion due to colds or inflammation of the bronchi (bronchitis).
3. Coughing (relaxes muscles).
4. Dry or thick secretions of mucus.

1. Kettle of boiling water.
2. Hot plate (electric stove).
3. Pine oil, mint, eucalyptus oil (optional).
4. Sheet.
5. Umbrella.

1. Important notice:
A course of evaporation is needed to keep track.
B. Be careful to not burn yourself.
C. Be especially careful if you do this therapy to a child.

2. Preparation for treatment:
A. Prepare the necessary equipment.
B. Make sure the room is not in the draft and that it is still warm.

A. Fill the pot with hot water. Add into the water the healing oil, let's say two to three drops of eucalyptus.
E. To extend inhaling, put the kettle with hot Plate on the floor or table. This moisten the air in the room.Don't bring your face too close to the water.

If necessary to create a tent inhalation, the patient's head in the bed open umbrella, the cover sheet. You will need some air free passage from the tent. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Continue for 10 minutes.
If you start to feel overheated or uncomfortable, remove the sheet.
People who should avoid eucalyptus steam inhalation, are those with heart conditions, cns disoders, and pregnant women.
Keep children away while doing a eucalyptus steam inhalation.
4. Discontinuation:
A. Make sure that the patient is dry and warm.
B. Recommend at least half an hour of rest.

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