Easy vegan recipes

Strict vegetarian diet is the most helpful diet if it is combined correctly!

Here you can find Easy vegan recipes from the First level of cooking classes, and some of the second level which are more complicated meals.

Here is the pdf  document with the very easy vegan recipes, which are oil free and gluten free as the best therapy for many diseases and conditions. Easy_vegan_recipes.pdf

In order to start with the treatment we have need of very easy and basic recipes. Why is this the best therapeutic diet? Because it prefer using the nature original food in their natural source and with the less preparation as possible.

Simple and easy for start! After 3-4 weeks you can add gluten diet, and oil if preferred. Everyone deserves to clear their organism from the gluten and the heavy meals at least one month per year!  menu.pdf

If you still have problems try the next level, which will be raw food as the ultimate therapy altogether with the juice therapy ( as is the Breuss therapy).

With colon therapy and hydrotherapy row food diet is a very strong medicine which help the  organism  to free the system of the poisons and malfunctions...

We are looking forward to your experiences as many did! You can read about them in here...

Dr. John McDougall says:

"Until you realize that you are a starch-eater, the solution to your health and weight problems will remain elusive. Once you understand that the bulk of your diet must come from starches, like rice, corn, beans, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, everything will fall into place. ... Most importantly, with starches at the center of your meals, you feel a sense of wellbeing and control. You have finally come home to your food. This way of eating is for life."

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