Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

• Experience with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, Low Thyroid Function, Low hormones, Allergies, Vitamin D deficiency, High C-Reactive Protein.

• "If someone had told me I would one day walk over 250 miles in a period of less than 40 days I would never have believed it.

• Before arriving at the health center my energy level had deteriorated to the point my greatest physical activity was moving from one chair to another while I worked at my laptop computer.

• Although I have struggled with low energy levels and chronic pain since childhood, it was only in recent years that I was officially diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

• "I'm a determined, strong-willed individual. I have been familiar with the eight health doctors of nature: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Fresh Air, Rest and Trust in God.

• For years I have convinced myself that I could handle things. I can do this!! I knew what to do, I just wasn't doing it.

• It was extremely difficult for me to come to the realization that I couldn't do it by myself, I needed help.

• I hoped by attending a lifestyle session at BHHEC to get a kick start a NEW START in taking charge of my health. I did, and so much more.

• "When I entered my first session at BHHEC I was struggling with:
Chronic Fatigue
Low Thyroid Function
Low hormones
Vitamin D deficiency
High C-Reactive Protein

• "Because someone else was doing the cooking and cleaning, I had time to devote to exercise.

• I put 100% into following the program and taking every advantage of what was available to me. I walked outside as much as possible breathing deeply of the fresh ionized mountain air.

• Initially, I had a lot of trouble with plantar fasciitis but learned how to do contrast footbaths to alleviate the pain.

• I enjoyed the indoor elliptical and recumbent bike when it was too cold or icy to walk outside or when my feet hurt too much to walk another step.

• Every day I had some kind of hydro-therapy treatment or massage to help flush my body of the build up of toxins.

• I rested on my bed lying in the sunshine streaming through the window. Twice a week I was able to consult with an attending physician regarding health issues, take immediate action, and then follow up with results. This in itself was a huge blessing.

• "I didn't think I could survive on two meals a day so I ate each meal like it was my last. And actually, I did fine.

• It's true, you can eat more and weigh less! At the end of the first session, I was still extremely fatigued and felt I needed more time, so decided to come back for a second session.

• I am so glad I did. During my second session I took a toxic metal test and discovered I had elevated levels of lead and 3 times the upper limit for uranium in my system--most likely the culprits for the continuing excessive fatigue.

• "By the end of the two sessions I had:
Lost 14 pounds and 10 inches- 5 inches off my waist alone.
(I'm still losing weight and have lost 20 lbs so far).
Increased my good cholesterol 7 pts
Lowered my bad cholesterol 26 pts
Lowered overall cholesterol 28 pts
Lowered triglycerides.

• "My initial blood test indicated I had a high C-Reactive Protein level. This protein measures inflammation in the system and is an indicator for cardiac risk. Ideally, this protein level should be near zero.

• Anything over 3.0 is considered high risk for heart attack. My level was 7.94 when I began the program but was lowered to 2.74 (average risk).

• "When I first started the weight training I could barely lift my arms with no weight for 10 reps. Now I can lift 13 lbs for 20 reps, I can pull down 70 lbs and leg press 160 lbs.

• "I'm stronger, my skin is softer and my overall pain on a scale of 1-10 has decreased from a level of 7-8 to a level of 3-4!

• "For the first time in my life, I have had a massage where I could feel the pressure of the therapists hands but without pain. This is miraculous!

• "I had expected a bunch of old people, icky food, and boring lectures.

• What I found was a cloud of angels, dedicated people who gathered around me to support me, pray for me and help me achieve better health and a better lifestyle. I discovered healthy food can be easy to prepare and delicious as well.

• I witnessed guests of all ages find victory and relief to their health issues.

• It was the best investment of time and money I have ever made! I wish I hadn't waited so long to attend a Lifestyle program.

• What I received at BHHEC I could never have done on my own. Sometimes you just need a little help. My heart is filled with gratitude to the staff and volunteers at BHHEC who helped to bring healing to my life." ~Renee

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