Garlic asthma remedy

How can i use garlic as a remedy for acute asthma attacks?
• Answer: Blend four cloves of garlic in a cup of lukewarm water until thoroughly blended. Pour the material into a cup and drink it rapidly.

Most patients will have nausea and vomiting after drinking the solution, which assists greatly in loosening bronchial secretions, and makes coughing successful.

This is an old fashioned remedy once used in emergency rooms for asthma, using syrup of ipecac to induce vomiting. However, never use syrup of ipecac in asthma as it is a narcotic and reduces muscle stimulation in the chest.

The breathing may improve with the garlic treatment alone. Vomiting loosens bronchial plugs and encourages watery secretions and coughing, bringing marked relief.

Make a second cup of the garlic water, blending only one clove of garlic in a cup of cold water or tomato juice.

Allow the patient to sip this cupful, or it can be quickly administered promptly after the vomiting has entirely stopped, during the “refractory phase,” when vomiting usually will not occur.

The active principal in garlic is excreted in the lungs, loosening secretions and improving the breathing.

Source: Agatha Thrash MPH "Uchee Pines" Institute

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