Green Tea

by Janet

- What are the real health benefits of drinking green tea or is it all hype ?
- Answer:

I see this as a hype,yes. Why? Because there are surely some good stuffs in green tea, but also very bad one, and the question is can we avoid this one and received it from another sources.

When you drink green tea you also receive theophylline and caffeine.

500g of tea contains enough caffeine to kill 1000 mice. Caffeine destroys vitamin B.

"I think people should know these are important studies, that everyday foods that are an option may actually have health benefits," Goldberg says. "I think green tea, because of its antioxidant value, may have heart benefits, but it's not something we regularly prescribe to people, because there isn't as much evidence as there is in exercise's ability to improve heart health."

Is Green Tea Good for Your Heart?
It seems to be, but there are conflicting results of a few epidemiological studies conducted in the East and West.

About the Caffeine:

When you use them you will have high fatty acid concentration, high BP, high stomach acid, high stress… adrenaline = noradrenalin and high digestion and absorption time.

Caffeine is toxic (nerve poison), interferes with muscle action, enzyme suppressants, carcinogens (promoter), and it is mutagenic, for example tetragenicity.

The first thing is that the caffeine causes your adrenal gland to relies hormones, two of them adrenalin and cortisone.

And adrenalin is fight and flight mechanism, it is hormone. So you are gyred to defend yourselves or to run like blazers, one of those two, right? The cortisone on the other hand is there to prevent inflammation in case of damage and it is also there to make sure you have enough energy to do the fighting and the running, so what happens is that the cortisone affects the liver, and the liver realizes huge amounts of glycogen in the blood stream.

And that is the same as huge glass of sugar water. So you have all this sugar suddenly coming in to the blood stream ready for the action the stress reaction in which you are going to have part.

But why the people drink coffee, to go for a heavy run, or to beat someone up? Yes or no? No- just to weak up. And do they seat while they are doing it? At the desk at the computer.

So what happens? All of the sudden you drink your coffee and you have glucose search? I am weak up!
In actual fact you are getting to run or defend yourself or beat someone up! But you don’t! You just continue with your computer, so what is your body is gonna do?

It is is gonna say who I have an emergency here, so it has to react to this glucose search? So it is release insulin and down comes your glucose level. And then all of a sudden you are hypoglycemic, like we discuses it right now.

That means you are feeling lethargic, tired, stressed, what is the solution to the problem? I need another coupe of coffee. So you get another coup of coffee, and you go by the same process over and over and over again...

There are many plants over there that have very good phytochemicals in them and herb teas are not made from two leaves and the bud? How did they do the herb tea? They take the whole plant and they use the whole plant for herb teas. So that is the best way to go about it.

What are the symptoms of Caffeinism?
• Dizziness
• Agitation or irritability
• Restlessness
• Recurring headaches
• Difficulty sleeping
• Tremor of hands
• Hands and feet perspire

Compare the caffeine in coffee, tea, soda pops and chocolate?
• Coffee 60 - 130 mg./5 oz. cup
• Tea 35 - 60 mg./5 oz. cup
• Colas up to 55 mg./12 oz. can
• Chocolate 5 mg./5 oz. cup hot chocolate
• 90 mg./1 oz. powder
• 10 - 40 mg./2 oz. candy bar

• Caffeine raises stress hormone levels in the blood, inhibits important enzyme systems having to do with house cleaning in the body, sensitizes nerve reception sites, and is associated with a sense of poor health, anxiety, and depression (2,3).

• Thousands are in mental institutions today because of no greater matter than that of the use of caffeine. Psychiatrists are now publishing articles indicating that there are numerous cases of depression and anxiety in mental institutions who need no other treatment than to be taken off caffeine.

- Dr.Walter Veith
- Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.Preventive Medicine
- WebMD

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