Had heart failure

• Chief Complaint: Had heart failure, given 5 years to live, addicted to caffeine, nicotine, sugar, ate junk food, only 3 or 4 real meals a week, needed peace in her mind to hear God

• Results: Lost 35 lbs, overcame sickness, received peace at Wildwood by God's help, Divine voice strengthened within her soul

• Phrases: "I was 35 lbs heavier than I am now, and much sicker than I was when I got to Wildwood."

"I had heart failure...the prognosis was, you won't be here in five years."

"I was addicted to caffeine, nicotine, and sugar." "I never sat down for a meal." "I need peace in my head, to be able to hear God." "Praise God I have clarity now."

"I'm excited!" "I have been blessed by coming here."
Wildwood Lifestyle Center - 18 Day Program


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