High Sodium Processed Foods

-How can i recognize high sodium processed foods? Where is sodium mostly used, and why is bad in high consumption?
Answer: American Heart Association 2010 Dietary Guidelines January 23, 2009 states:
"The current Dietary Guidelines recommendation that individuals consume less than 2,300mg of sodium per day is too high.

The amount should be changed to the amount recommended in the 2005 Guidelines for salt sensitive populations, or no more than 1,500mg of sodium per day."

- What are the benefits of having controlled sodium intake: "A reduced sodium intake can have significant health benefits. Studies have shown that a reduced sodium intake can lower blood pressure, prevent hypertension, can help control hypertension,and can prevent cardiovascular disease."

But then we have a problem to control the sodium intake because mainly it comes from the processed food:"To meet a science-based recommendation of 1,500mg per day, the scientific report and the policy document must strongly encourage consumers to reduce sodium intake by choosing foods with little or no salt and limiting the amount of salt added to food.

However, we acknowledge that it will be difficult for consumers to lower their sodium intake to 1,500mg on their own.

With processed foods accounting for 77% of all sodium consumed, it will require the cooperation of food manufacturers and restaurants to reduce the sodium content of the foods they make available to the public.

AHA would like to see food manufacturers and restaurants reduce the salt added to foods by 50% over the next 10 years."

Table for High Sodium Processed Foods:
3 oz. Anchovy-canned in oil-drained 3117.08
1 tsp Salt 2131.67
1 cup Tomato paste-canned w/salt 2069.00
6 oz. Ham-Roasted 2018.11
1 cup Tomato sauce-canned w/salt 1482.00
1 cup Corned beef hash-canned 1354.00
4 oz. American cheese food-jar 1345.63
5 oz. Potato chips-SourCream & Onion 1252.79
5 oz. Polish Sausage-Pork 1237.82
1 cup Almonds-oil roasted-salted 1223.00
3 oz. Beef lunchmeat-thin slice 1221.85
3 oz. American Processed Cheese 1215.86
12 ea. Green olives-w/o pits 1123.20
1 cup Chicken Noodle Soup 1106.00
1 ea. Filet-O-Fish sandwich- Fast Food 1030.00
1 Tbs Soy sauce-wheat & soy 1028.00
1 cup Mixed Nuts- Oil Roasted- salted 1008.00
1 cup Pistachios-dry roasted-salted 998.00
1 cup Tomato puree-canned with salt 997.00
3 oz. Saltine crackers 935.55
1 cup Cottage cheese-lowfat-1% 917.00
1 cup Chicken a la king-frozen 895.00
1 cup Vegetable Juice Cocktail 883.00
1 cup Tomato juice-canned with salt 880.00
1 cup Kidney beans-red-canned 872.00
1 ea. Dill pickle 833.00
Source: ESHA Research, Salem, OR.

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