How to reduce Flatulence

- What can i use in order to reduce flatulence?
Answer: Raymond Hall, PhD. from Medical University, Loma Linda, California, selected 30 volunteers for his study on the effect of activated charcoal to intestinal flatulence.

Intestinal gas was measured after a meal with low gas production and the food resulting in high gas production. 15 students received the drug as activated charcoal, and 15 students received placebo.

The group, using charcoal did not had more measurable gas than as in the case of foods with low gas production. But so far the group who took a placebo suffered a major flatulence.

Dr. Hall explains that "activated charcoal reduces the amount of gas either absorption or adsorption of gases on their own intestinal bacteria to gas production."

Finally, it recommends that "if one has a problem with flatulence, this resource is worth a try."

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