Microwave safety

- Is it safe to take a cup of water and put it in the microwave to bring the water to a boil.
Answer: It is reported that one 26 year old boy took a cup of water and put it in the microwave to heat it up. He wanted to bring the water to a boil.

• When the timer shut the oven off, he removed the cup from the oven. As he looked into the cup he noted that the water was not boiling, but instantly the water in the cup blew up in his face.

• All the water had flown out into his face due to the buildup of energy. His whole face is blistered and he has first and second degree burns to his face, which may leave scarring. He also may have lost partial sight in his left eye.

• While at the hospital, the doctor stated that this is a fairly common occurrence and water (alone) should never be heated in a microwave oven.

• If water is heated in this manner, something should be placed in the cup to diffuse the energy such as a wooden stir stick, a tea bag, etc. A far safer choice would be to boil the water in a teakettle".

• Please be cautious when using your microwave. NEVER stick your face into a cup of boiling hot water from the microwave (It doesn't bubble when taken out).

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