MS Experience with Natural Therapies

• MS Patient Benefits From Health Retreat Program in Black Hills Health and Education Center:
• "In May, 2008 we were helped by kind neighbors and friends to come to BHHEC.

• At the time I was not able to lift my right arm more than about elbow high. The right hand was also hard to open and close all the way, the right leg was pretty well helpless, left leg I could lift a little, and my back on the right side was also very weak.

• Here at Black Hills Health and Education Center they helped us with diet, massages, and fomentations, exercise and prayer.

• Also they helped us to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in town. Now I am able to open and close both hands quite well and I can get both of them up behind my head.

• My right leg is still very weak but I can feel strength coming back. Also strength is returning to my back.

• We got more help here than in any other place that we have been to and we have been to quite a few of them over the years. We just thank God for giving the knowledge and wisdom to the staff and whoever has made this place available to us."
~Mrs. Martha

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