Normalize Cholesterol, Overcome Angina, Weight Loss

• Normalize Blood Pressure,Normalize Cholesterol, Overcome Angina, Renew Energy,Success Stories,Weight Loss.

"...I feel so good after just one week! The food is marvelous and guilt free and the hydrotherapy and massage has been so relaxing.

• I sleep at night and awaken with more energy and I’m gaining strength. We have made new friends and have enjoyed hiking and going on picnics with them.

• The care we receive is genuine because the staff care about us and even pray for us. The most exciting thing is how my husband David’s blood pressure and cholesterol has dropped to normal without medication!” Mary

• “My experience here NEWSTART has been a wonderful blessing. I came just in time because when I came my heart wasn’t getting enough blood. Now I praise God I’m not having the same amount of angina that I had before.

• My blood pressure has dropped over fifteen points and I have been taken off my cholesterol medication.

• I’ve lost three pounds and I feel wonderful. Now when I sleep I wake up rested. I haven’t felt this good in years. I can’t praise the Lord enough!” David

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