Risks of eating refined sugar

They say the refined sugar is bad for our health.
But what actually are the risks of eating refined sugar?

Answer: 1. Refined sugar stimulates excessive insulin production.

2. Increased insulin leads to an increase in fats and cholesterol in the bloodstream (converts excess calories from carbohydrates & proteins into fats). This may contribute to diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.

3. Refined sugar is packed with calories.

4. Excessive use of sugar can lead to malnutrition.

5. Use of refined sugar leads to tooth decay:

6. Sugar depresses the immune system.

7. Sugar decreases serotonin in the brain; serotonin prevents depression and promotes sleep.

8. Sugar increases the desire for alcohol.

9. High amounts of sugar in bloodstream can combine with LDL cholesterol producing “glycated LDL” which may become oxidized.

10. A diet high in sugar, fruit juices, and sodas increase the severity of PMS.

11. Sugar may decrease intellectual function, esp. in children (because of hypoglycemic curve from surge of insulin).

12. Lower pain threshold – a person on a diet high in refined sugars may feel any type of physical pain sooner.

13. Depletion of minerals – chromium and magnesium.

14. Eight types of cancer are linked to sugar consumption.

Note: Artificial sweeteners increase the

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