Suggestion for daily water intake

Can you give me some suggestions for daily water intake?
• Answer: 1. Take 2 glasses of warm water on rising. This helps stimulate a bowel movement and prepares the whole system for the day.

2. Mid morning, at least 2 hours after a big breakfast and until 30 min.before lunch, take another 2 -3 glasses of cool, not cold or iced, water.

3. Avoid drinking again until 2 hours after lunch, have another 2-3 glasses.

4. If you take supper take your final glass around 7-8pm to avoid night calls.

5. If you don't take supper its great to have 2 glasses lemon water around 6 pm.

This not only helps control appetite but also helps revitalize the system for the evening hours.

Note: Water need to be clean without chlorine. The amount depends from various factors such as body mass, the weather, sweating ...

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