What causes the fever?

- What causes the fever?
• Answer: 1. Toxins secreted by toxic bacteria or degenerating tissues of the body cause the “setting” of the hypothalamic thermostat to rise.

• These toxins are called “pyrogens”. They cause fever.

2. Chills occur when the setting of the thermostat is suddenly changed from the normal level 98.6 F to a higher level (say 103 F) due to pyrogens or other causes.

• When this happens, all the heat promoting mechanisms for increasing the body temperature operate at full force such as vasoconstriction, increased metabolism and shivering.

• This continues until the body temperature reaches the thermostat set level.

• The temperature remains high until the cause is removed. When this happens, the person’s skin becomes warm and he begins to sweat.

• This is known as the crisis. The temperature then decreases.

Pre-disposing causes of fever:

• Improper Diet - meat, rich spicy food, overeating
• Poor Ventilation
• Improper Clothing
• Damp Surroundings
• Exhaustion
• Lack of Cleanliness
• Lack of Water (H2O)
• Lack of Exercise in Open Air
(According to E.G. White, Healthful Living, Chapter 32, Fevers & Acute Diseases).

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