Back Pain Experience, Joint Pain, Kidney Inflammation Relieve

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• From the very childhood I was accompanied by unpleasant health problems. I was with pain so much that I could not even lie down.

• I was taking more than ten different pills a day.

• Doctors noted only worsening of the prognosis. "We will be glad if we will be able at least partially to stabilize your state, it will never be better.”

• I did not want to believe to this prognosis.

• With the desire to live and to be healthy, I just could not accept this prognosis. I was with this problems around 25 years.

• Certain circumstances led me to the information which recommended simple changes in the lifestyle (the NEWSTART program).

• To the dietary changes I added regular exercise, which I follow even now.

• During the short period of time I began to feel positive changes. Ceased to hurt my joints, the inflammation of the kidney alleviated, other health problems started to disappear.

• And today? For several years my joints does not hurt at all.

• I do not have any of the health problems that originally threatened my health and my future.

• Since then, as my health improved so much, I have a great desire to help others.

• I live an active life and to my joy a healthy lifestyle who is with great help to the other people.

Libuše teacher, Czech Republic

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