Drinking water and weight loss

Can drinking water help you lose weight?
• Answer: Yes, but if it is used with common sense! Other ways, you can even die! There are cases shown bellow in the Source information.

• Many times thirst is mistaken for hunger. If you feel hungry between meals try drinking a glass of water instead of eating. The “hunger pains” may disappear.

• If your water level is low the liver has to work harder to help the kidneys and does not have time to metabolize as much fat into usable energy as it should.

Drinking more water gives the liver time to break down fat and can help you lose weight.

• Water acts as a diuretic and can help you lose excess water weight simply by drinking more water, but with common sense!

It will also flush excess salt from your system which causes you to retain more water than your body needs. (Not for heart failure patients!!)

• Always consult your physician! Do not over-drink, especially if you fast!

- Suggestions for daily water intake...

Important note: They are cases of death if this point is not used with common sense!

• "Drinking too much water can eventually cause your brain to swell, stopping it regulating vital functions such as breathing, and causing death."

• "If you drink too much water, eventually the kidneys will not be able to work fast enough to remove sufficient amounts from the body, so the blood becomes more dilute with low salt concentrations. "

News.bbc.co.uk: Woman died from 'too much water'!
News.bbc.co.uk: Why is too much water dangerous?

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