Fibromyalgia pain relieve experience

- Controlled trials have demonstrated improvement in fibromyalgia patients who underwent cardiovascular fitness training. Low-impact exercises such as fast-walking, biking, swimming, or water aerobics with stretching techniques have been the most helpful.

There is one astonished experience with The McDougall Program:

• "Then the eighth morning of the program I woke up at 5:30 AM -- lying in bed, I felt something was wrong, but I did know immediately what was different.

I must have laid there for about 15 minutes or so before it dawned on me: THERE WAS NO PAIN. I didn't say anything to George yet because I thought I might be dreaming.

I turned on the light and looked at my hands and feet. THEY WERE NOT SWOLLEN. Remember I'd been in constant, never-ending pain since 1998 and now there was NOTHING!!

I told George, "Look, my hands and feet aren't swollen and I don't hurt!" I got out of bed and stood up and poked myself in the arms and legs, but NO PAIN."

People with fibromyalgia have been shown to greatly benefit from a vegan (no animal products) diet in two recent studies:

Kaartinen K. Vegan diet alleviates fibromyalgia symptoms. Scand J Rheumatol. 2000;29(5):308-13.

Donaldson MS. Fibromyalgia syndrome improved using a mostly raw vegetarian diet: An observational study. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2001;1(1):7.

Fibrositis, fibromyalgia, and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome are all names for the same syndrome according to some researchers, only with different manifestations in different people.

It is said that the cause of myalgia rheumatica is unknown. We believe that we have discovered some factors that are at least to be considered in the disease.

Other known causes are sleeping disorders, wear and tear of aging, overuse and abuse, poor posture, and trauma.

The causes we have found include food sensitivities and environmental toxicities including things that are breathed, as well as things that are eaten or drunk.

Some have suggested a relationship between systemic candidiasis and fibromyalgia.

Reactions to drugs, emotional strain, frustrations, hostility, and guilt tend to present greater risks for nonarticular rheumatism.

Symptoms are often relieved by warm and dry weather, a hot shower or bath, local heat, restful sleep, general relaxation, moderate activity, massage, stretching exercises, and swimming.

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