Functions of Melatonin

- What are the functions of the melatonin, and how to improve it's release?
• Answer: Functions of Melatonin are:
1. helps insomnia,
2. lessens jet leg (Take day of the flight and continue for 5 days),
3. protects against free radical damage,
4. delays some effects of aging,
5. assists in coping with stress,
6. lowers cholesterol & blood pressure,
7. reduces the risk of osteoporosis;

And how to improve melatonin release from the body:
1. Increase exposure to natural light and minimize exposure to artificial light.
2. Sleep in complete darkness.
3. Eat foods rich in melatonin (oats, corn, rice, tomatoes, banana).
4. Eat foods rich in tryptophan (tofu, pumpkin and sesame seeds, blackeye peas).
5. Avoid calcium deficiency.
6. Avoid overeating: perhaps fasting in evening hours.

Source: Proof Positive

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