Is heart attack related with what we eat

- Can you tell what food can cause heart attack?
• Answer : The main culprits are excessive amounts of fat and cholesterol. The underlying problem is narrowing, hardening and eventually plugging up of vital arteries that supply the heart with oxygen. The process is known as atherosclerosis.

People are born with clean flexible arteries. They should stay that way throughout life.

The arteries of many North Americans however are clogging with up with cholesterol, fat, and calcium...

During and after WW2 most Europeans were forced to change their eating habits from their customary diet of meat, eggs and dairy products to a more austere diet of potatoes, grains, beans, roots and vegetables.

The result?

A dramatic decrease in heart attack, strokes, diabetes, gallstones as well as certain cancers and arthritis...

Source: Dynamic health

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