Water and prevent cold

- Can drinking enough water help prevent disease?
• Answer: Yes, If you find that you frequently catch colds, viruses, and infections you may not be drinking enough water.

• This especially applies to bladder infections because without a sufficient daily supply of fresh water, water can stagnate in the bladder and irritate the lining, causing an infection.

• Toxins such as coal tar from cigarettes can build up in the bladder and cause bladder cancer.

• Insufficient water can lead to blood vessel damage and result in blood clots.

• Kidneys that are overworked because of insufficient water release renin which raises the blood pressure.

- Do we need to drink more water when we are sick?
• Yes, water helps combat fever and fatigue that occurs during illness and it improves the fighting power of your immune system.

• Water helps remove the increased waste products which are created as your body fights the illness.

• Water also replaces water lost from excess perspiration, vomiting, and diarrhea during illness.

- What are some good water drinking habits?
• Start the day out with 2-4 8oz. glasses of water. Room temperature is best.

• It’s best not to drink with meals. Allow 15 minutes before and one hour after meals for digestive function to get under way.

• Between breakfast and lunch drink 2-4 more glasses of water.

• Then in the afternoon and evening 2-4 more glasses.

- Important note: Do not use water as weight loss element with no common sense! There are cases of people dying from it. More here...

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