Varicose veins herbal treatments

We are going to review here some helpful varicose veins herbal treatments but we need to know that the diet and the physical condition are prevalent for the varicose veins.

• An herbal wash that relieves varicose veins:
Mix equal parts: Sweet flag root, thyme leaves, nettle leaves, horse chestnut leaves and fruit. Add 3 1 quart cold water, bring to boil. Add ½ tsp salt and bathe the legs with the tea.

•Horse chestnut seeds have been used to treat varicose veins and hemorrhoids for years in Germany. The active ingredient aescin ,strengthens capillaries and reduces fluid leakage. Use the standardized extract.(You can purchase it from here...)

• Witch hazel is an outstanding herbal wash.It is a soothing astringent which strengthens blood vessels. White oak bark is another useful astringent herb.(Buy witch hazel liquid here; and white oak bark tea in here...)

• Applying aloe vera gel is soothing to the veins.(Buy Aloe vera gel-various products here,or this special one in here...)

• Apply fresh wood sorrel leaves to the areas with extended veins.Cover with large cabbage leaves and fasten with an ace bandage.

• Taking bromelain reduces risk of clot formation.(Buy bromelain from here, or from this list in here...)

• Here are more useful substances:Lemon peel contains flavonoids , including rutin, which reduce blood vessel permeabillity. Bilberry stimulates new capillary formation.Ginkgo improves circulation.(Buy Ginko from here...)

• Both violet and pansy flowers contain rutin and are safe to eat.Add them to your salads.

• Drinking dandelion or corn silk tea helps the kidneys eliminate excess fluid thus reducing tissue swelling.(Buy Dadelion tea from here, and corn silk tea from in here...)

• Dr.Cristopher recommends making a tea of sassafras, drinking it, and using it to wash the legs.(Buy Sassafras tea from this list in here, or this one in here...)

• Apply hot applications of tansy tea on large veins. Replace when they become cool. Cover with wool or plastic to keep them wet and hot.(Buy tansy herbal tea from here...)

• Use flaxseed oil; include enough fiber in your diet, which should be low in fat and refined starches. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid animal products. Eat whole grains, nuts and legumes.(Buy flaxseed oil from this list here, or this one in liquid form here,and in pills here...)

• Male fern (root - bath).(Buy male fern root here...)

• Drink buckwheat tea.

• Lukewarm bath with Equisetum (horsetail).(Buy Equisetum in liquid form here, or herbal in here...)

• You can make poultice with smashed vine leaves.

• During inflammation you can put potato cataplasm.

Side bar: As always, you need to consult your personal doctor before using any natural remedies, so it is for this varicose veins herbal treatments; try with moderation, be careful about any appearance of allergic symptoms if you use it for the first time.

Be in good health

References:-Natural remedies encyclopedia;-Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.Preventive MedicineUchee Pines Lifestyle Center.

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