Varicose veins symptoms, pictures and exams

1.Varicose veins symptoms:

• Visibly distended veins;

• There may be aching or tiredness- heavy legs (often worse at night and after exercise), a feeling of fullness in the limbs. Muscle cramps may occur, especially at night and they can develop especially when making a sudden move as standing up;

• The skin may have a tense or burning sensation. Redness, dryness, and itchiness of areas of skin;

• Hemorrhage under the skin may cause the skin to discolor (light brown to bluish). Veins may be abnormally large, bulging, and lumpy looking;

• Mild swelling of ankles;

• Minor injuries to the area may bleed more than normal and/or take a long time to heal;

• -In some people the skin above the ankle may shrink (lipodermatosclerosis) because the fat underneath the skin becomes hard;

• Skin ulcers near the ankle (this is more often seen in severe cases).

-Varicose veins pictures:
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2. Exams and Tests

-The diagnosis is mainly based on the appearance of the leg veins when you are standing or seated with the legs dangling.

-At times a physician may order a duplex ultrasound exam of the extremity to see blood flow in the veins, and to rule out other disorders of the legs (such as a blood clot).

-Rarely, an angiogram of the legs may be performed to rule out other disorders.

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