Prevention of varicose veins

Let us summarize for the prevention of varicose veins.

1. The best prevention and real "how to prevent varicose veins" home remedy for varicose veins is to have enough fiber in the diet. Full, inflated intestine pushes the veins in the abdominal cavity and through them the increased pressure is transmitted to the veins of the lower extremities.For what is fiber you can see here and how to prepare fiber rich diet here

2.Exercise:Walk enough or work at outdoor labor sufficiently each day to keep the leg muscles firm and the circulation good in the legs.

15 minutes brisk walk 4 times a day helps on the activities of the veins ,which helps them for better transporting the blood to the hearth.

- Swimming is an ideal sport. Hydrostatic water pressure helps the muscles to "push" the blood to the heart, limbs are relieved. When we are swimming there is evelvement of the lungs, heart and many muscle groups.

- Walking barefoot improves blood flow and also helps for exercising the leg muscles.

- For longer time of seating do not forget to practice the fingers of your feet.

3.Rest: Relaxation with your feet in a raised position facilitates the return of blood to the heart.

- Similarly, work 5-6 deep breaths several times a dayFor what not to do see the main page of the natural remedies for varicose veins here

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