Diet for constipation –how to prepare fiber rich foods

Preparing rich fiber diet, which is the best diet for constipation, can be interesting experience, can be fun, can be taste and will be healthy!

The effect of this food is unbelievably welcomed, and brings relieve, extended energy span, prevention from many diseases and its natural remedies for many other conditions.

1.Breakfast: Whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, some legumes.

A good breakfast is essential to healthy lifestyle! Why it’s so?

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First choice is combination from fruits, wholegrain, soy drink (or some other nuts drinks), nuts and seeds.

a. Preparing some oatmeal like perfect diet for constipation: We can make it in soy drink or some compote made from some dry fruits like dates, grapes, pineapple, or in this case maybe the better choose –prunes. Also is very nice in fresh apples compote.

So we can put the prunes or sliced apples with some sweetener element like brown sugar, some wheat or barley syrup, Stevie or combination between them. Also we can add some natural vanilla powder if we want.

After some 10 min. we will add the oat flakes, preferably with smallish structure, boiled for another 15 min. We will put it on side and for decoration we can add some sliced banana, raisins, some carob powder, or whatever we prefer .Consistency is the best when we put little bit more water and on the end oatmeal is not dry, but rather watery.

Example recipe:
2 cups soy milk
1cup water
6 tsp Oat flakes finer or medium size
Pinch of Salt
1 tsp barley malt syrup
1Stevie spoon of Stevie (maybe it is 1/10 of 1 tsp)
100g prunes
Vanilla, bananas on the top.

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You can make also your one carob cream very easily:

Put dates in hot water for 20 min. Then put them in a blender with water enough to cover them and then blend them until having smooth consistency .Put there some nuts, vanilla or whatever healthy you prefer, blend them together and voila:

alt text

alt text

Millet is an excellent to make varieties of healthy breakfast, especially puddings, cookies, porridge. Because millet is gluten free he is excellent for cleaning the bowels, and for allergic people.

You can use also: rye, barley, Maize, Brown rice, whole grain wheat…This are the best foods for constipation, but only when they are wholegrain.

For more information about cooking healthy breakfast and pure vegetarian food like ideal diet for constipation, you can see this book, or you can visit some suggested web sites which are really helpful for preparing strict vegetarian food. (Coming soon)

2. Lunch: Whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes.

Again we have whole grains, but this time in combination with vegetables, you have noticed that we do not mix fruit and vegetables in one meal. Reason is fermentation of the fruit when it is in combination with vegetables. So it is not important only for this diet for constipation, but like a general rule.

Tip: Boil whole grains separately .There is two basic ways of boil grains. One is short frying without oil, then we put hot water precisely like we need for every grain separately.

Or we can put grain in boiled water who is more than we need, then when is boiled we leak out the water but in one dish, we will keep it for a sup (we will not throw it away, because we have important elements over there). Than we can Rinse it with water, and we have it with exact boiled condition like we like.

Choices: Buckwheat, Quinoa, rye, barley, Maize, Brown rice, whole grain wheat; plus potato, macaroni, spaghetti, Couscous, semolina…

Vegetable and legumes like fiber rich diet for constipation.

Vegetables can be boiled (or steamed)but not overcooked, than we can add some spices, salt, maize starch , and we have healthy sauce. If we put before the maize starch (or some other wholegrain flour), we can put some legumes like beans, Lentils, Soybean, Chickpeas …, or tofu sliced, some healthy vegetable spices and some dried yeast, and we have this:

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We can put in this some grained nuts, or some seeds like gomasio (sesame with sea salt) or one of the most useful seed , the flax seed, fresh grained are excellent source of fiber but also with cancer protective elements!!!

We can have some good salad with this, and in weight management is useful to start with good salad first and then we can go for the next.More information about weight management you can read here

3. Diner substitute:-soy drink, carob, lemonade, some tea, salad+dressing, vegetables with whole grains.

Make your own, home made soy milk: take 500g.soybean grain. Put it in water over night, or at least 6-7 hours, leak the water together with some of the peelings. Then put it in a blender with some hot water, blend it, and spill it in 4,5 l of boiling water.

Stir it in first 5 min, than decries the temp. and boil for further 15 min. remove it from the cooker, Filtrate it with colander, or gauze. The rest is called okara -and its ideal for pastes, burgers …In to the milk you can add some Stevie, or some barley syrup, natural vanilla, and voila we have soy milk and from 500g, we receive 5l milk, and around 900g okara. Chip and healthy! Soy brings energy! Yes she does!

----What to avoid:Refined foods, animal foods, milk…

For extra help how to learn to cook vegetarian foods that relieve constipation you can see the cookbooks proposed here,and for purchasing some health products like carob,(from Amazon) you can see here...

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