Hypertension Diet - Essential for Recovering from High Blood Pressure!

• When there is a word about hypertension diet, it is referring to some change,and change like change usually is unpleasant, extracts energy from us,and complicates our life.

• But sometimes our life is so complicated with our lifestyle food habits, that the change is actually making life simplest!

• Hypertension diet also known like „dash diet“ is lifestyle change which can brings us relieve from hypertension, and in many cases is really life important!

• Kidneys act to restore pressure to normal. If the pressure goes up, kidneys releases more salt in the water, which is eliminated through urine, to help the volume of the blood to go down.

• If the pressure has fallen kidneys send less salt in the water which is eliminated, and the volume of blood is increasing. With hypertension this mechanism falls down, and there is the problem.

• An excess of sodium in the tissues makes it binds to the water. This gives rise to swelling while the blood pressure increases.

• Table salt has 40 % sodium and 60 % Chlorine(And use of the sea salt is preferred..) Sodium is also in vegetables,so daily amount of table salt is less than 1 teaspoon (5 g)(1),but for hypertension is 1500mg sodium*2,52=3.78g=3/4 of the teaspoon,which looks very little,and for many people impossible,but let’s try like this:

1.It’s recommended that breakfast is to be sweet with a lots of fruits and some whole grains +some nuts (and with some natural sweetness's like molasses or Stevie,and surely not white sugar).Something like this +some extra fresh fruit is first most important thing for hypertension diet: alt text

• Sugars from the fruits will give you not so fast energy like the refined sugars (for example table sugar),but at least the pancreas will not be forced to work forcefully and after that we will have the „low energy part“ –which is in other words hypoglycemia and for to stay waked we need to take some other fast energy recourse,or worse some stimulant like coffee,black tea,green tea,or some snack.

• This energy from the complex carbohydrates are raising slowly our glucose level,but watch this-this energy is sustained longer because the fiber is release slowly in to the blood.

• So the advantages of eating breakfast will be: More efficient problem solving,Improved memory, Increased verbal fluency, Improved attention span, Better attitudes and Better scholastic performance! With good goal in our lives,it can be some quality life...

Gratis: Weight management!

• Dash diet is lifestyle change,and when is made by the healthy lifestyle principles,it can be also natural weight loss remedy! If we developed habit to have the fruits firstly,and to enjoy in it,we have the most easiest way of weight management.

• And than to take some whole grains home made(from supermarkets read labels!).Nuts in weight management are necessary,but little bit less in weight management(but variety sure!)..

• This is a low calorie food! You can eat little bit more than the other agonized diets.And what is more important,you will have vitamins,minerals, fibers, proteins, and carbohydrates.

• Do not forget: first we need information's on every aspect of this recommendation,and to learn how to cook,or to find really good and health restaurant. Be thorough,not to fast,and with temperance,and variety of all different fruits,vegetables,nuts,seeds, whole grains...

2.Lunch in hypertension diet can start with salad,good one,surely with some natural spices and lemon.. And some good combination of some whole grains, like rice + vegetables with some health spices and some protein parts like tofu and legumes all overflow with health dressing,not to grease..

• Desert is not needed,we had it for breakfast, and it’s bad idea to have free sugars,or fruits and vegetables together(In some other occasion more about this).

• Diner if it‘s needed,then rather some vegetables with grains, than fruits or snacks-not at all,not needed.

3.Do not put the salt shaker on the table. (Hundreds of people take salt automatically, without first even to taste the food.)

4.And we speak about strictly vegetarian food without refined sugars or refined carbohydrates. Remember „Diary products may play a major role in the development of allergies, asthma, sleep difficulties, and migraine headaches.“Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 1983; 19(9): 806-809. Pediatrics 1989; 84 (4): 595-603.
alt text.
We don't need to add here how much salt we have in cheese..

• And meat is basically high protein and fat sources, and with the cholesterol is ideal for receiving clogged arteries and arteriosclerosis.Result of this is hypertension All kinds of processed meat (preserves, Salami, frankfurters, sausages) contain large quantities of salt.

"Although most vegetarian diets meet or exceed recommended allocations, dietary protein, usually contains less protein than non-vegetarian diet. The lower protein intake may be associated with improved calcium absorption of vegetarian and improved renal function in individuals with damaged kidneys." Journal of American Dietetic Association, 1993; 93:1317-1319

• 1987 American Diet Association:
Vegetarianism is a full nutritional style. Recommended for all ages, including pregnant women, elderly people, adolescents and children. Also veganism is healthy; you need only to observe the vitamin B 12. Vegetarians generally live longer, and they do not suffer from: heart attacks, high blood pressure, obesity, constipation, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. Cancer does not occur in 57 - 70% of vegetarians and even in 90% of the vegan people.”

5.In the supermarket: Become a label reader. It is essential for hypertension diet !

• By carefully reading labels, you can select products low in sodium. Watch for words like "salt," "sodium," and "soda," and avoid products in which these terms are listed among the first five ingredients.

• FDA's Proposed Packaging Guidelines (per serving) Sodium-free under 5 mg; Very Low Sodium -under 35 mg, Low Sodium under 140 mg , Reduced Sodium a 75% decrease.

• Do not use canned processed vegetables for the enormously high salt content is very important dash diet tip. Use only at home canned vegetables.

• Limits also includes all chemicals containing sodium (monosodium glutamate - a preservative of soup "in the bag, VEGET etc...).

• Do not eat salted cracker, chips, nuts, etc. By restrict salting, reduce the likelihood of the gastric cancer.

6. Adequate calcium intake protects against the occurrence of hypertension so in the hypertension diet we have to have it. The sources of calcium are dark green leafy vegetables, soybeans, carrots, parsley, dried figs, almonds, poppy seed,sesame seed...

7. Of great importance for hypertension diet is also a sufficient intake of potassium, which is in our diet of refined and fleshy little. Potassium is a kind of opposite of sodium. In the absence of potassium the organism accumulate sodium, and it is dangerous. With adequate intake of potassium sodium is leaching.

• It is therefore essential that your diet contains more potassium. One excellent source is soy flour, dried yeast, dried apricots, parsley, wheat bran, almonds, raisins, plums, dates, currants, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, walnuts, oatmeal, whole grain flour, bananas, cauliflower, etc.

• Make sure, however, to improper cooking not leached the potassium and he is not removed with the water. It is therefore recommended that all kinds of vegetables (including potatoes) cooked in their skins in a small amount of water.

• Potassium is also needed because it acts directly on the blood vessels, spreading them, and thus lowers blood pressure.

8. Avoid coffee, all caffeine drinks and alcohol Increases the blood pressure.(2), (3), (4)

9. Stop smoking is to the patients with high blood pressure very positive change. People who stop smoking, extend their life or the time when they will occur first heart or stroke, at least 50% against those who will not stop smoking.Smoking and high blood pressure diet -very related!(5)

• If you are not yet sure that you can do it, firstly if you are in situation that have variety of fruits, vegetables whole grains, nuts and spices health (surely not soy sauce-too much salt in it), then you can do one trial with this hypertension diet.

• Take away for three weeks consumption of salt and maybe you'll find it eventually interested the natural salinity of food.

Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes:
“These chronic diseases are, in part, manifestations of nutrient excesses and imbalances in the »affluent« diet, so they are in principle, largely preventable.”p. 14 WHO Study Group, 1990

• Advantages of Vegetarian Diet:
“A substantial amount of epidemiological and clinical data indicates that a high intake of plant foods and complex carbohydrates is associated with a reduced risk of several chronic diseases, especially coronary heart disease, certain cancers, hypertension, and diabetes.” p. 99
WHO Study Group, 1990

• Attempts of Change:
“In several Western European countries and in North America, there have been sustained public education campaigns, that aim to change the public's eating patterns. ... Unfortunately, the idea that medical opinion is divided and that policies are uncertain is often used to inhibit change, despite the remarkable consistency of views put forward by expert groups over several decades.”p. 129 WHO Study Group, 1990

• Japan is one of the countries with the highest intake of salt in the world and the incidence of high blood pressure. The most common cause of death in Japan is a stroke, as frequent complications of hypertension.

• What are the experiences with some form of hypertension diet in different parts of the world? :
For those populations where salt intake is low, such as the Amazonian Indians and the rural population in Uganda is quite unknown disease hypertension, and this also applies to individuals of advanced age.

• Dr. Lot Page, recognized authority on hypertension, said: "Low blood pressure is clearly found in that sort of the population, who consume little salt. And this applies vice versa, high salt intake prevents high incidence of hypertension."

Hypertension diet is not here only for help,but also can be very taste!

Be in good health!

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