Prehypertension –yellow card zone!

• Prehypertension is when the blood pressure is between 120/80 and 139/89.In other words this is yellow card situation, and if it is not resolved then: prehypertension is likely to progress to hypertension.

• A study showed that after two years, 14% of adolescent boys and 12% of girls with this condition went on to developing hypertension (although the study used only a single measurement instead of two measurements).(1)

• And with that, the risk of getting stroke and heart attack is rising, the risk of having kidney problems also, and blood vessel damaging and so on, and so on…Firstly is good to know the real cause of the hypertension, is it essential, or secondary, or maybe is only white coat hypertension. It is needed to take measurements couple of times in the day, in the morning and noon and afternoon, in different position, like seating and laying .Couple of days. Also in quiet environment, and to take the average measure from it. If results are in the arrange of the prehypertension, it is necessary to check this with your doctor and to see the possible cause of this, although in 90 % reason is essential and it is related with your lifestyle. However is recommended to check your situation with your physician at least 1 time per year.

• Let’s see the main cause for prehypertension, and the lifestyle changes i.e. what high blood pressure remedy we can take for healing:

1. The very first reason is food with too much salt in it. See hypertension food, here... But also high fat and sugar diet is appointed to be risk factors…

2. Obesity -If you eat strong food which will give you energy for all day (and in the same time low calorie), if you resolve the problem with eat for depression, an empty stomach syndrome, and with variety of health food (which are providing full nutrition daily needs), it is possible to have in principle 2 time meals (which means not eating after 4-5 p.m.)-and sometimes of course 3 meal, but in principle twice. More about hypertension diet, or often called dash diet read here...

3. Sedentary life style-It is only the time which we don’t have it for ourselves, or just is an emptiness and depression that are stopping us from having outdoor refreshing activities?

At least walking with some friend, or listening some nice music or even we can study something on some listening devise like studying foreign language! Or listening to a health presentation...Very useful! ...

Exercises- Opinion of the American College of Sports Medicine also clearly indicates that regular physical activities (at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes at heart rate 100-140 beats / min) reduces blood pressure by 10 mmHg.(2) Protect the particular need of people with hereditary risk of hypertension.

4. Stress management- Give yourself a gift and increase the quality of your life. Give yourself a time to think about that, visit some people who are specialist for that, read some book, invest in building of your character, find some good examples for this topic, and most important do nothing without thinking a lot for some things, and not bring conclusions unless you have all the information required for seeing all the possibilities for one topic, and then bringing the healthiest and most reasonable conclusion, so God help us!

5. Avoid coffee.All caffeine drinks and alcohol Increases blood pressure. So this life change is somehow important for the prehypertension.(3), (4), (5)

6. Stop smoking is to patients with high blood pressure very positive change. People, who stop smoking, extend their life or the time when they will occur firstly heart attack or stroke, at least 50% against those who had not stop smoking. (6)

• Sidebar: Let’s find some other substitute to this psycho, socio, stimulate me, and degrade me please, junk.. But yes it’s not easy, especially when they are our friends, and help us to feel not so alone and not so depressed, and give us little moment of excitement, and some concentration and energy.

It’s petty that they told us that they are bad for our health. But let’s go to the substitute and to see how much energy we will need to do this change, which if it’s possible, will provide us with more health, but also with more quality life, because what is life without quality, and if suffering is called good health, than who will be happy -the unhealthy people?

So: Alcohol- Organized life with clear healthy goal, quality social life (a lot to think about here, but manageable), good physical health, good and healthy spiritual life…
Caffeine: The same+ carob, or some wheaten drink...
Cigarettes: The same written like in alcohol + fresh air ….

7. Getting sunshine is very good for the condition of prehypertension.(has result even 24 hours after, but is necessary to not expose ourselves when sun is too hot, and with common sense to have protection from skin cancer and other diseases. Remember the temperance is basic principle of health lifestyle!!)(7)

8. Appropriate dressing is an important part of the treatment .With having cold was noticed an increase in systolic blood pressure. (8) Keep the same temperature of the body and limbs.

9. Systolic and diastolic pressure is clearly lower at the people who are faith-based. (9)

10. Diet and lifestyle is very important for the issues of hypertension cure. Reduces the requirements for number of drugs, may even need to use medication completely ruled out. All pharmaceutical products are having the effect, but also undesirable side effects.

The importance of natural treatments emphasizes the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health in the USA. They argue that interventions in diet and lifestyle should be paramount in order to determine whether a patient needs to take medication at all.

Better to prevent than to cure!

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