Secondary Hypertension - Another condition is the trigger!

• The hypertension which is caused by an secondary cause is called Secondary hypertension.

• If you have healthy life style and still are having hypertension, or maybe you have doubts about the reason for the hypertension, maybe is the time to take exams with your personal doctor. It is possible to have what is called secondary hypertension where the reason is to some secondary disease.

• It can be nothing like to much eating liquorice( licorice), or white coat hypertension, or it also can be a side effect of many medications (where is needed precautions), but can be also something much serious like kidney disease or tumors (adrenal adenoma or pheochromocytoma.

• In these cases is important to take tests for to diagnose the right reason. The main rule here is better sooner than latter. (Can be easily treated earlier than latter). Maybe it will be needed to have some surgery, or some life depending pills. The goal is your health and your life….

• Hypertension is not something which can be ignored. Persistent hypertension is one of the risk factors for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and arterial aneurysm, and is a leading cause of chronic renal failure.

• So if you noticed, kidney disease (like secondary reason) can leave to hypertension, and hypertension now can lead to renal failure. The hypertension is the leading cause of kidney failure in USA.

• Kidneys act to restore pressure to normal. If the pressure goes up kidney releases more salt in the water, which is eliminated through urine, to help the volume of the blood to go down.

• “There are no known benefits of increased balance of energy derived from proteins. Big intakes can have harmful effects such as increased loss of calcium from the body and rapidly droop of kidney functions.” WHO Study Group, 1990 p.90

• "Although generally vegetarian diet meets or outstrips the recommended rates of proteins, generally contain less protein than unvegetarian diet.
This decreased intake of proteins can be related to better absorption of calcium in vegetarians and improved kidney function in individuals with damaged kidneys ..."
Journal of American Dietetic Association, 1993; 93:1317-1319

• Many things can be managed with healthy life style and natural treatments, and healthy lifestyle is beneficiary for everyone.

Benign tumors can sometimes simply be ignored, or they may be reduced in size (debulked) or removed entirely via surgery, and then we will need everything which can we receive from healthy lifestyle; even in some cases cancer can be defeated for example with the Broyce diet, and cancer fight diet... (Page under construction)

Take your time, improve your health, and have more quality life!

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