Preventing Hypertension - taking care of yourself!

• You have chosen the best options for fighting with this condition!

•Preventing hypertension is far away better choice than curing it. And it is not so complicated! If you live by the health principles, you already have prevented hypertension! In basics:

+ eat salt but very moderate, and rather use health spices?

• Weight management is important for preventing hypertension–some other time more about this-but sidebar:
If you eat strong food which will give you energy for all day, if you resolve the problem with eat for depression, an empty stomach syndrome, and with variety of health food (which are providing full nutrition daily needs), it is possible to have in principle 2 time meals (which means not eating after 4-5 p.m.)-and sometimes of course 3 meal, but in principle twice.
• More about hypertension diet, or often called dash diet read here...

• No smoking, alcohol and caffeine is essential for the hypertension prevention...

• Exercises, home or outside, but faraway more efficient is walking at least 30min., or better 1 hour per day, every day...

• Stress management-Give yourself a gift and increase the quality of your life. Give yourself a time to think about that, visit some people who are specialist for that, read some book, invest in building of your character, find some good examples for this topic, and most important do nothing without thinking a lot for some things, and not bring conclusions unless you have all the information required for seeing all the possibilities for one topic, and then bringing the healthiest and most reasonable conclusion, so God help us!
“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” J.C.

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