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If you use natural remedies you can restore your life, and keep it that way! The advantage of the natural remedies is: no contraindication, good circulation, clean liver, no constipation , supplying the cell with quality building substances and cleaning in the same time etc. If you are considering taking drugs take care of cleaning the liver, the bowels and the kidneys.

Dr.Denis Burkitt the England discoverer of the Burkitt's lymphoma will state:"The concept that the Western diseases are lifestyle related and therefore potentially preventable and reversible is the most important medical discovery of the twentieth century!"

Simple plan: If you are sick try to sleep outside in a tent for example, breakfast: muesli+nuts and plenty of fresh fruit(all together, 1 hour after waking up); lunch: cereal bread+ big portion of boiled/baked beans or legumes and plenty of vegetable; fresh water, hydrotherapy every day, sunshine and exercise and a lot of common sense in between! This is general plan! For candida or diabetes you need to eat only the salty meal and check your glucose level, consult and act accordingly! As simple as that! If you have your own garden living there will be the perfect spot if the condition are ok! Educate, consult and act!

If you use the nature sources around us, you can have a New start, stable energy, clean body and strong mind! Bu natural remedies we understand the nature resources around us and the lows being in us! More about the basic 8 natural remedies you can read here...

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Finding energy to keep up? The importance of having good breakfast.

• One example menu for you: Gluten free,oil free strictly vegetarian menu. The best therapeutic diet!
- Why is vegan diet the best therapeutic diet? You can read here...

•Need easy vegan recipes? Here you can download pdf recipes related to the menu! Easy vegan recipes...

•Do not despair if you think you don't have chance being healthy again! See this experiences for encouragement! If they succeed you can too!

• Some other recipes...

Bond with nature, observe birds, use the sun in moderation and you can find Life inspiring force! It can be enough to have restoration, to have organized life, to set healthy goal and have unforced discipline!

Why is that possible? Maybe is the production of vitamin D, maybe is the air, maybe is the observing of the animals living the reality and maybe is altogether because we suppose to live in nature! How it will be to live rustic simple life with good people around, to take time working in nature and to have practical hobbies!

What about the addictiveness? In many cases it is because we try to forget about the emptiness of our life and we try to survive the day with artificial stimulants!

Living in nature? In the nature you can have what ever you need for simple life. You need to have self-supporting project. If you have initial investment enough to have solar panels, then you can have the modern equipment. You just need good cause, and good friends or family with you, although it can go as single project for health issues or finding the goal in your life.

It is good to have community to share this experiences and happy moments! I work on this project 3 years now, searching good place and proper funds to go for it!

You want to travel, meet new people and be in nature? No problem! You can go with bicycle!

•Wе discuss here bicycle touring for the year of 2012 and 2013:
It is my new way of bounding with the nature, observing, restoring my life and going more up than down! It helps me to be at least 30% of the time in nature and the rest in the cities making healthy lifestyle presentations as i travel with a bike! I would like one day soon to be not less than 80% in the nature! I am looking forward to that moment! This year I plan to go on a bicycle tour into the Czech Republic, Germany and France...

The cause of our sickness

When we use natural remedies we are assisting the nature in the efforts to restore the health in us! We should know that the disease comes as an effort of the nature to free the system from condition that result from a violation of the laws of health.

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• It is essential to know this laws of health, and to see what is been violated, then to change the bad habits and to strengthen the body. This are the essential eight natural remedies: Proper diet, Exercise, The use of clean water, Temperance, Pure air, Positive social and spiritual life-experience, Sunlight and Rest.

• From here you can see what have you been violating, and what is needed to be changed!

• Maybe the use of this remedies requires an amount of care and effort that many are not willing to give, but we need to know that on the end it will be found that nature, untrammeled, does her work wisely and well. Those who persevere in obedience to her laws will reap the reward in health of body and health of mind!"

• The studies are proving that the Healthy Lifestyle is crucial:•

• There are some part in the world where some diseases and conditions are far less then the rest of the world, and it is interesting to research them, and to see how we can be like this groups of smaller risk.

• For example the Hunza people, in some cases the Korean and Japanese people, and it is interesting to see the change of their traditional diet and the effects of this practice.

Let us look to this graphic, for some information's:


Colorectal cancer in Japan and the UK

For about 24 years the rates of the colorectal cancer in Japan changed very dramatically!

• The reason is the change of the Old Lifestyle...

Let us see now one other very interesting study:


The Japanese immigrants in Hawaii with the second generations going on junk food, had this changes, as if they have stayed in Japan on traditional foods, they would have not having this rates!

• It does not mean that with healthy lifestyle we will never be ill, but rather that the possibility to become ill is much smaller.

• We can influence our health with some 50-60%, and around 20% is environment, 20% genetics, 10% medical help.

What is the base of good health? The first thing is the food which is plant based grain diet, often called vegan food, and the best therapeutic food will be gluten free and oil free!

• Why not milk?

• "The amount and type of food eaten are fundamental determinants of human health." Dr. Hu Ching-Li OMS 1998

• You will find many people who are satisfied with their healthy lifestyle changes, or they have received their sanity back! If you are one of them, you can share your experience with us!


• The Top Natural Remedies •

• The way to go back is the combination of healthy lifestyle and the natural remedies, which in many cases we can make them home, finding that the old home remedies in many cases are also very pleasantly, refreshing and effective..

• That will be:
- fiber rich diet;
- hydrotherapy;
- phytotherapy;
- air;
- exercise;
- nutrition;
- massage;
- detoxification- charcoal is excellent remedy;
- etc...

• Sometimes is very necessary to take your prescribed medication! Always consult your personal doctor about everything related with your health, because he/she knows the specifics of your case. Often is recommended to use them until is no more necessary, but be aware of their contraindication!

• In some conditions the recovery is faster, in other is slower. In third, success is to stop the degradation from the consequences of that disease. Some people can bear the consequences much longer, and other become ill much sooner!

• Want free natural remedies pdf file called Simple_Natural_Remedies.pdf?


•The 7 Good Health Practices Related To Longevity•

alt text

This is a study from Breslow, Belloc – Good Health Practices Study, 1972

1.Adequate sleep, 7-8 hours per day
2.Eating breakfast daily
3.Regular meals, not snacking frequently
4.Moderate or no use of alcohol
5.Not smoking
6.Weight in a healthy range
7.Regular physical activity


• For Consideration •

• Did you tried juice therapy for your problem, or colon cleansing therapy? It is practically gluten free, oil-free, yeast free vegan therapy, an ideal way to see if the gluten is a problem for you or the Candida, or some kind of allergy.

• See if you find some cases like yours in the section of the experiences here! Find Lifestyle Center near your place!


• " If you find this website useful, please consider helping with its production buying us a 'cup of carob drink' with a donation of $2.

To say 'thank you' for your generosity, we will give you one "free pdf book" 92 pages about the Healthy lifestyle principles and the "Lifestyle diseases", from Dr. Jochen Hawlitschek , MPH. Thank you, and have a nice day!"

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Your friend D.Panche Healthy Lifestyle Counselor.

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