Constipation natural remedies – the third pillar: physical activity

Exercising is the third pillar of the constipation natural remedies. Important, but not crucial. And yet, physical activity is helping at the same time with many other conditions, and in that context is all in one -pillar of the healthy lifestyle.

• ---Why?

Walking, exercise, swimming and recreational sports increases blood flow, cardiac muscle and abdominal muscles, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the intestines.Activity will not only improve muscle tone of the outer body, but also of the digestive tract.

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• --- How to relieve constipation with proper physical activity?

Gardening for 1-3 hours daily is the best exercise.

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If you have even small garden and you are flower lover, you can try to make your own flower garden. Do you like roses? Here I can show you one excellent web site for rose gardening, where you can find everything what you need to know, and I thing you will enjoy in

If gardening is not available, one should walk to tolerance daily (1/2 - 2 hours), head up, breathing deeply.Use a deep breathing exercise once daily: Take a deep breath through the nose and hold it for a slow count of 20; exhale fully through the nose and hold the breath out for the slow count of 10. Repeat 10 to 40 times. May be done while driving, walking, or other activity. Tension and stress are relieved through exercise. (1)

You can try work out at a spa or health club, parking the car a distance from the office and walk several blocks, or walking up several flights of stairs rather than taking the elevator.We also can perform diaphragmatic breathing, fitness exercises, and relaxation. Length of the exercise unit is 5 to 30 minutes.

Many of the the different exercise depends from your health condition, and is needed to consult with your physician,for example with hypertension is not allowed long inclining up front,and when we are in bed we can pull up knees to our abdomen...

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• Other chronic constipation relief tips related with the physical activities:

- Correct poor posture through appropriate arm and shoulder and low back exercises.
-Avoid over-exertion. Strong depletion can cause constipation. (2)
-No article of clothing should leave even a faint mark on the skin.
-Some information about exercising and hypertension you can read here... (Page under construction)

1. Agatha M. Thrash, M.D.Preventive Medicine -Uchee Pines
2. Evans, Geoffry, M. D., Medical Treatment.

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