Milk and constipation

Why is that the milk and constipation are related?

• Milk is low residue food, although any constipation depends from the ratio of the different foods taken by one meal, and from the big picture –physical activity, water drink, fiber food, and other factors. About the reasons you can read more here, and for how to cure constipation you can read here in this main article.

• However, if any dairy product, even a small amount of skim milk, is retained in your diet, bowel movements may not pass easily or regularly.

• Milk is one of the foods that cause constipation. -Journal of the American Medical Association 230(4) Oct. 28, 1974.

• Cow's milk sugar, lactose, causes mucus in the intestines (but also in the excretory system of the organism) and the subsequent failure of its function.

• Not only that there is relation between the milk and constipation, but milk is also responsible in some way for: Osteoporosis, Cataracts, Lactose Intolerance, Food Allergies, Toxins, Iron Deficiency, Diabetes, Ovarian Cancer, Fat and Cholesterol…

• Colic: One out of every five babies suffers from colic. Pediatricians learned long ago that cows' milk was often the reason. We now know that breast- feeding mothers can have colicky babies if the mothers are consuming cow's milk. PEDIATRICS 1991;87(4):439-444 (One research here: )

• Drinking cow’s milk may weaken immune function in children and lead to problems with recurring infections.Nature 1978; 272 (5654): 632

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• "A young age at introduction of dairy products and high milk consumption during childhood may increase the child’s risk of developing juvenile diabetes." Diabetologia 1994; 37 (4): 381-387

• Infants under four months old who drink breast milk rarely become constipated. Presumably, swelling of the intestinal lining causes the constipation. Whatever the exact mechanism, the problem is likely with the protein in cow's milk, not with the fat or lactose. More about infants and constipation you can read here...

• Many diseases such as tuberculosis, brucellosis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, Q-fever, and gastro-enteritis are transmissible by milk products. Journal of Dairy Science 1988; 71: 2809-2816

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• Milk is an excellent vehicle of infection because its fat content protects pathogens from gastric acid, and, being fluid, it has a relatively short gastric transit time. Journal of the American Medical Association 1984; 252: 2048-2052

• Greens such as kale, broccoli, and bok choy are as good as milk in terms of their calcium absorbability. Environmental Nutrition, January 1994, p. 3. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1990; 656-657

• "Dietary protein increases production of acid (in the blood) which can be neutralized by calcium mobilized from skeleton." American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1995; 61 (4):909

• In the introduction for the book: "Don't drink your milk" it is written:Milk Can Be Harmful to Your Health! The frightening new medical facts about the world's most over-rated nutrient. If you drink milk, you MUST read this. Frank Oski, MD, was the Director, Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Physician-in-Chief, the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.
You can buy this book here...

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