Constipation massage – In urgent times!

• Constipation massage can be very helpful home remedy for this condition and useful way to promote bowel movements.

• Can be done by another person gentle, circular movements and rhythmic abdominal compression. Also it can make oneself when we are rolling down pressed tennis ball on our stomach, lying on our back.

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• Massage for constipation is always in the direction of the arrows of the clock. This is because of the position of the colon which is starting from our right side of the abdomen, goes up turning on our left side and then goes down to the exit.

• Another kind of auto massage is to take a deep breath and exhale fully. Then hold your breath and 10-and 15 times to pull off a quick massage of stomach wall. Repeat the exercise 4 to 5 times before going to toilet.

• And this is how it's look this urgent way to relieve constipation taken from masseur:

• Translation to English maybe is not so necessary because surely we can see the basic principle about direction, of course slightly over stomach, and we are not doing this massage in a case of appendix infection, the monthly cycle in women or some stomach and bowel ulcers.

• Also some skin damage, high temperatures, too high blood pressure, varicose veins all this are common contraindications in massages.

• Conclusion: Is better to avoid then to cure.

Ways to relieve constipation remain rich fiber diet, proper water drinking and physical activity,although is useful to know what to do in case of emergency, surely...

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