Children and constipation –How to overcome this annoying problem?

Our children and constipation - the reason and the way out! When constipation is happening to us it is not quite nice experience, and we don’t like this to our children as well.

• Constipation in children usually occurs at three distinct points: after starting formula or processed foods (while an infant), during toilet training in toddlerhood, and soon after starting school (as in a kindergartner).

• Constipation can be a frustrating problem for both children and their parents. Parents need to work closely with the doctor to determine why the child is constipated and to develop an appropriate treatment strategy.

• This so called pediatric constipation often happens when children start school or enter daycare. They may feel shy about asking permission to use the bathroom, they may be involved in more enjoyable activities and may not want to stop, or they may be rushed when using the bathroom and not have time to complete the bowel movement or fear of using the toilet.

• Many older children often ignore the urge to have a bowel movement and later develop a lay bowel. Once constipation has developed and bowel movements become painful or more difficult, the child will attempt to go even less often, and the constipation will worsen.

1. Children and adults should get enough fiber in their diet. Vegetables, fresh fruits, dried fruits, and whole wheat, bran, or oatmeal cereals are excellent sources of fiber. To reap the benefits of fiber, drink plenty of fluids to help pass the stool.

• Soluble fibers include pectin, flax... Insoluble fibers include psyllium and brans from grains like wheat and oats.

• Fresh fruits and vegetables contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. Dietary fiber intake should be increased gradually, along with an increase in water consumption, in order to produce soft, bulky stools. For more information about fiber you can read here.

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• The food guide pyramid is an excellent guide for choosing an appropriate diet. Choose whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Prunes, prune juice, and bran cereals can help. How to make home prune juice for constipation,you can read here.

2. Adequate fluid intake (8 - 10 cups a day) is also important for children and constipation prevention. Fluid requirements vary for children based on their size, activity level, and air temperature. To ensure adequate fluids, offer water more frequently during exercise and in warm temperatures.

3. Exercise on a regular basis is necessary also.(The page called "Natural remedies for constipation" has the basic strategy for fighting with this condition. You can open it here.)

Most home treatments for constipation in children have been shown to work.

• Chronic constipation in children is usually the result of more serious issues such as allergies to milk or dairy, medical conditions such as fecal impaction or rectal prolapsed or poor fiber diet.

• The observation that constipation might sometimes be caused by milk intolerance has appeared in the medical literature from time to time, dating back as far as 1954 (Pediatric Clinics of North America, 1954; 4:940-962). But only recently has there been a well-designed study published showing that this is indeed the case. The results of this study, when widely known, can set many children free to enjoy the exuberance of childhood without pain. (One research:

• Milk is one of the foods that cause constipation. -Journal of the American Medical Association 230(4) Oct. 28, 1974.More about milk and constipation- here.

• Constipation is a common complaint in children, occurring in up to 10 percent of youngsters. It accounts for approximately 3 percent of pediatric outpatient visits and 25 percent of visits to a pediatric gastroenterologist.

• Caution: The passage of large, wide stools may tear the mucosal membrane of the anus (especially) in children.

Senna should not be used by children younger than age 12 and should not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women as well.

• DO NOT give laxatives or enemas to children without first asking your doctor. It is best to change the quality of the food...

• Specific information about constipation in newborns you can read here,and more about toddlers here ...

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