What to do about constipation caused by stress

• To understand what to do about constipation caused by stress, first we will elaborate why there is relation between these two things.

1. When people are running or have problems they tend to suppress the urge to move their bowels. Also they very rarely take the time to eat the foods that they should in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

• We eat whatever we can get which has some consequences and then come the question: what to do about constipation. More about the food that cause constipation you can read here...

2. A truly high stress situation often causes diarrhea that, in turn, disrupts bowel movements and results in constipation.

3. People under stress seek relief by taking medication for depression, anxiety...Also using alcohol is even worse — it dehydrates stools and suppresses intestinal peristalsis all at once.

Strategy of stress management:

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1st STEP: Awareness

Physical Reactions:
• Muscle aches
• Headaches
• Rapid breathing
• Heart beats faster
• Trembling, shaking
• Tense jaw
• Dry mouth
• Stomach in knots
• Feeling faint
• Fatigue
• Increased blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow to the muscles.
• Decreased blood flow to areas not needed for rapid activity such as, kidneys and intestines.
• Dilated pupils and bronchial tubes.
• Increased muscular strength, glucose from the liver, mental activity and metabolic rate.

Behavioral Reactions:

• Unable to sleep
• Loss of interest in food, and life
• Overeating
• Drug and alcohol abuse

Emotional Reactions: Feelings of worthlessness, Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Anger, Depression, Panic.

2nd STEP: What Causes Stress

This step is to identify your major causes of stress - the stressors in your life. It can be from: Situations, Events, The environment, People, Places.

-The Good Side of Stress: Buying a new home, Getting married, Promotion at work, Planning for a holiday, Creativity and helping other people, Enjoying life’s pleasures, Challenges and motivates, Feels exciting, Can improve performance, Increases well being, Is usually short term.


Prolonged distress is unpleasant, harmful, builds tension and can lead to burnout and depression.

Once identified you can plan coping strategies to manage, reduce or eliminate these problems.

-Personal: Health, Financial, Self-image

-Change: Career, Starting school, New home, Retirement

-Work Demands: Job demands, Lack of control, Work conditions, Boredom.

-Relationships: Conflict, Family concern, Co-workers Life Crises: Death in family, Accident, Divorce, Unemployment...

3rd STEP:

Stress begins in the mind - in our attitude toward life and time.

• Avoid These Stressors: Having no goals or aims in life, Spending money on what you can’t afford, Worrying about what might happen

What to do about constipation caused by stress tips:

1. Eat Smart. Choose a balanced nutritious diet, include fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid junk foods .Why? Because we receive vitamins with this healthy food and maybe more important in this case is glucose level which with this food will not go way under (hypoglycemia) like with refined foods- which means constant and increased energy span. This helps to maintain energy which is necessary to resolve problems and not reaching the fast, but over time, under energy from usual refined food and long proceeded (taking too much energy to proceed).

2.Exercise Regularly: Choose exercises that you enjoy. Have a regular program -5 - 7 times a week.

Walking is great 30 - 45 minutes a day.

3.Get Beauty Sleep: Sleep restores the mind and the body, plan for 7 - 8 hours a night.

If you wake refreshed you have had sufficient sleep. Tip: Little bit open window and get well dressed.

4.Take control of your life and your goals. If your goals are linked with some insecure thing than it's by itself risk for unstable situations. I can recommend you one very interesting book speaking about different goals in life and different ways to block the emptiness of the life, or better to say only to forget about the emptiness in our inside person. (Upload coming soon...)

5.Anticipate Change: Prepare for future crises, expand your mind, and look for better ways to do things. Don’t get caught in the usual old rut. You can use for start white paper, write possibilities, have principles for choosing, ask for second opinion, decide.

6.Talk Things Through, Learn to communicate effectively, Share joys and problems with close friends. Don’t bottle up frustrations and fears.

7.Learn to Relax: Discover ways to relax body and mind, Try deep breathing and stretching, enjoy the quietness of nature, Have a warm bath, get a massage, Play your special music, Take 20min. For yourself everyday work over your plans (possibilities), principles of deciding, and goals.

Q: Living smart is being in control of your life!

8.Take Time to Play

* Recreation gives sparkle to life.
* Find a hobby or leisure interest.
* Hike and explore the great outdoors.
* Try water sports or team games.

9.Develop Friendships, Build strong family relationships, Keep old friends, make new ones, and Help others in need.

There are many quick fixes that don’t work. People often use cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and food as solutions for stress.

10.Manage Your Time

If you can manage yourself you can manage your time

• Assess your actual and preferred uses of time
• Set priorities
• Make ‘to do lists’
• Learn to say no and take time to relax

11.Financial Planning

alt textWhat to do about stress caused by stress Pict.2

Faulty Thinking Patterns

• All-or-none thinking
• Overgeneralization. Assuming bad events will happen over and over again or that things are always a certain way.
• Selective filtering: focusing on the negative parts of life while filtering out the positive.
• Disqualifying the positive
• Mind reading
• Magnifying errors and minimizing successes and vice versa
• Emotional reasoning: using our emotionsto determine our worth.
• Setting arbitrary requirements without considering consequences.
• Accepting the blame for some negative event involving others.
McMinn, Mark, Cognitive Therapy Techniques in Christian Counseling,Word Publisher, 1991, 227


"Living smart is discovering solutions to life!"

"Living smart is clinging to hope through tears and having courage to accept change!"

"Living smart is being free from addictions!"

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