Constipation and weight gain - natural weight loss remedies and tips!

• There are some theories about the possible connection between constipation and weight gain, and that constipation can cause weight gain.

• One of them is that food is accumulated in the intestines, which add extra weight.

• Other is that deceleration of the food passing in the bowels, slows down the metabolism of the body, which leads to weight gain.

• There is one more theory worth to mention: in the process of constipation water is not absorbed by the fibers(which we don’t have it enough in low fiber diet) but is absorbed in the intestines, which is not problem for us because we need water(don’t worry about weight gain and water!). Many diets are diuretic based which is not good for our body, and that unbalance will outburst somewhere, someday…
Note: Avoid overeating - causes constipation.(1)

• Why is obesity problem:

• Increases the risk of cancer
• Increases the risk of high blood pressure
• Increases the risk of diabetes
• Increases the risk of heart disease
• Waist to Hip Ratio of greater than 0.8 for women and 0.95 for men

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Framingham Heart Study

“People who weigh too much pay a price in morbidity and mortality. We found that over a period of 26 years, the death rate increases two percent for each pound over the desired weight. So among people who are ten pounds overweight, the death rate is 20% higher over the 26 years.” (2)

• Solution: Lose weight permanently - Eat more and lose weight with high fiber foods!

Sidebar:Quick solution provides yo-yo effect, but lifestyle change brings difference!

a.-People on a high fiber diet consume up to 50% less calorie. High fiber foods, like vegetables, whole fruits and grains, slow the gastric emptying which steadies the blood glucose curve.

b.-Restrict your total calories to 1500 (unless prescribed differently by the doctor).


1. Breakfast

A good breakfast is essential to weight control. Persons who eat a good breakfast usually consume fewer snacks through the day. Eat at regular times. Plan ahead your meal.First choice is combination from fruits, wholegrain, soy drink, some nuts and seeds.

Tip: start with fruit eat freely, but with common sense, then go to some combination from wholegrain and dry fruit, some nuts and seeds- without any source of free sugar. For examples and more information about preparing fiber rich food you can read here...

2. Lunch: First choice: Whole grains + vegetables, legumes, and some nuts and seeds in moderate amount.

Tip: start with the salad (which is prepared without oil, or very little amount, rather some healthy dressing)

3. After 4-5 pm some people just need to avoid eating after 3 pm to loose weight. You can try drinking some tea, carob, soya milk; and then go earlier to sleep. If you steel think that you need to take some diner sometimes, you can try rather some salad with some health dressing, or rise with vegetables. A fruit is rich with sugar…

• Reasons of overeating:

-Eating for emotional needs:
Overeating, whether it shows or not, can happen when people eat to satisfy their emotional needs instead of their physical needs. Eating increases endorphins.In what other ways can I satisfy my emotional needs?"

-Many people use food, drugs, alcohol to control their pain and comfort themselves.More about stress management and the possible constipation from this you can read here

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• Tips to help you lose weight- natural weight loss remedies:

1. Fiber rich foods will steady your blood sugar so there is noneed to snack. Snacking ferments the gastric contents from a previous meal and increases the risk of colon cancer. For rich fiber diet you can read here,and for preparing rich fiber foods- here… (Page under construction)

2. Keep busy. This food is not going to stay long time in the stomach, meaning will not take from us much energy, but rather will give us! So we don’t need to be bothered by filling of stomach emptiness, but rather to use this energy and create something…

3. Do not drink water or beverages with your meals. More about drinking water and constipation you can read here

4.Exercise is important in weight loss. Brisk walking is the best. And walking include within, solution for constipation and weight gain problem.More about exercise and constipation you can read here

5.Eat a low sugar diet. Use fresh fruits instead of sugary concoctions. Top pancakes and waffles with mashed, chopped or blended fruits or fruit sauces instead of syrup. I believe you already know that refined foods are bad for your constipation and weight gain is right here also. It doesn’t mean that we don’t need to have some natural ice creams which can be made by using frozen bananas and other fruits put through a Champion juicer or blended with a little soymilk or fruit juice.

Use raisins, date pieces, bananas or other fruits on breakfast cereals instead of sugar. Remember that dried fruits are high in calories and should be used in moderation. Eliminate all soft drinks.

I can suggest you to use Stevie instead of sugar, no side effects, they say is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar.(You can buy it from here...)

6.Eat a low fat diet. Avoid free oils as much as possible. Sauté foods in water instead of oil (or mix only a tiny amount of oil with water). Use non-stick cookware or spray pans lightly with PAM or another non-stick spray. There are delicious recipes for traditionally fried foods to be baked in the oven, such as “Oven Fries” instead of “French Fries.” Cheese is high is calories as well as fat and cholesterol.

7.Strict vegetarian diet is best. Meat is calorie dense and contains saturated fats and cholesterol, both of which it is unhealthy to consume,easy can cause constipation and weight gain is higher with high fat and protein diet. Learn how to cook...

8.Consult with your personal doctor about your decision!

References for constipation and weight gain:
1.Ehrlich, David, George, Wolf, The Bowel Book. New York: Schocken Books, 1981.
2.Dr. Castelli, Director, Framingham Heart StudyCurrent estimates are that over 300,000 people annually die from obesity and its complications.

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