constipation reliever

•How to use it:

With the enema constipation can be avoided and it’s good helper to create a habit for a regular stool. Insert the enema into the rectum with a 1-2 dl of cold water, "Hold" for 1 minute, then drain. Apply at the same time each day.

Or you can use one ear syringe of cold water as a small enema to initiate urge.

Colon hydrotherapy at home: The best place to do it is in your toilet, where you have your privacy. We are laying on our right side. Why? Because of the position of the colon, and the possibility of water to go faraway is possible. On our left side water will return back. Do not put the bag higher than 1 meter, because the pressure can be very strong and can damage the bowels surface.

The frequent use of enemas or other colon cleansing tools may lead to dependence and an inability to defecate without assistance or withdrawal symptoms.

The colon hydrotherapy contraindications include diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease (in the acute inflammatory stages), severe hemorrhoids, or a tumor in the rectum or large intestine.

• General benefits of colon hydrotherapy?

Cold - decreases blood flow in the intestines - is against constipation, infection, etc.

And: WARM - increases blood circulation in the intestines- Anti-diarrhea, parasites, intestinal

Always use distilled or boiled WATER!

•DO NOT give laxatives or enemas to children without first asking your doctor. It is best to change the quality of the food...

Coffee is a solvent for sediment and debris, and perfectly stimulates peristalsis.

Grind coffee beans (2-6 t.s.) Boil 15 minutesin 2 liters of distilled water .Filtered and let cool to body temperature.Apply 0.5 to 2 l - individually. 15 minutes withholding.5 minutes lies on the right side, then back and finallyon the left side. We provide one/ day – in the morning preferably.

1) Cancer (3 times a day, but not long term)
2) Migraines
3) activates the secretion of waste from the liver into bile
4) supports the flow of bile duct, and relaxes muscles

The large intestine is the major route of elimination of waste, including waste from the liver. Sedentary life, artificial, toxic diet make the colon "cesspool." Antibiotics in the diet and drugs destroys the intestinal flora, which is replaced Putrefactive bacteria.

5 days before gastric Consume large quantities of applejuice, you can not fast, or they give fruit rind.

Useful may also be a short cold bath.

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