Toddler constipation remedies

1.First of the toddler constipation remedies should be variety of healthy food, prepared tastefully, and in colorful appearance. We can offer fruits and vegetables with chunkier textures as opposed to strained. And many more whole grain breads and cereals as your child begins to tolerate a wider variety of foods.

2.Also fluids are very important. Be sure your child is drinking adequate amounts of fluid.Fiber founds in plant food needs water, so can absorb it and made stool soft and regular. For chronic constipation can help prune juice. Senna tea is not recommended for toddlers.

3.Daily exercising, or at least regular walking, is beneficial, and not only for the constipation problems.

4.Developing habit: during toilet training in toddlerhood can occur constipation. If food is right, water drinking is OK, and everyday some physical activity, then we need to create situation for developing a good habit of going to toilet.

Tips: is good to be in the same time of the day, comfortable, get a stool for her/him to rest he/his feet. Ensure that the knees are above the hips. Maybe some information’s about why is good to have everyday this habit. And we can give also a compliments.

Main problems is our low residue food, meat and dairy products. More and more people are reveling that the milk is not food for our children…

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Drinking cow’s milk may weaken immune function in children and lead to problems with recurring infections.Nature 1978; 272 (5654): 632

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Main article about children constipation can be read here, and about milk and constipation here.

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