Severe constipation causes - water drinking!

• Severe constipation causes can be several, but beside rich fiber diet essential is also proper fluid intake.

• Water and constipation –why?

Ignoring the signal to defecate (water is withdrawn from fecal matter left in the bowel and it becomes dry and hard)The benefit is that fiber attracts water, creating soft, bulky stools that stimulate bowel contractions thus pushing contents along the bowel.

Not enough water - when enough water is taken along with enough fiber, peristalsis is encouraged.

To reap the benefits of fiber, it is very important to drink an adequate amount of water to help with the passage of stool in the intestines.

So : Prevention of constipation is next to a sufficient intake of dietary fiber as well as adequate fluid intake.

Insoluble fiber is able to absorb large amounts of water - approximately four to six times its own volume.

This creates in the stomach and intestines a soft spongy mass. The result is a feeling of satiety, which will come much sooner than the consumption of foods low in fiber.

Fiber is a natural defense against overeating.More about fiber you can read here...

• Water and constipation-How?

Drinking warm/hot water and taking a walk in the AM is very successful for many people. (Some people prefer lemon water)

How to cure constipation with proper use of water? It is recommend to drink 6-8 glasses a day. Morning on an empty stomach you can drink 1-2 glasses of water or lukewarm herbal tea. But do not use cold water or chemically unclean.

Do not drink during meals, drink at least 15 minutes before and 1,5-2 hours after a meal.

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Preferably distilled water.Water is one of the elements of how to avoid constipation. For other causes you can read here

Do not use water as weight loss element with no common sense!There are cases of people dying from it. More here...

• Children

It is reasonable to be sure that the child drinks enough fluid. For children older than one year, enough fluid is defined as 32 ounces (960 mL) or more water or other non-milk liquids per day. Or: alt text

It is not necessary or helpful for the child to drink more fluid than this if he or she is not thirsty.Fluid requirements vary for children based on their size, activity level, and air temperature.

To ensure adequate fluids, offer water more frequently during exercise and in warm temperatures.

- What happens if we don’t drink enough water?

- Why is too much water dangerous? - Drinking water and weight loss

- Can you give me some suggestions for daily water intake?

- What is the role of the water used for drinking?

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