Constipation fiber - The best way how to stop constipation!

• For constipation fiber is really helpful, and rather necessary part of the healthy life style too!

• Fiber is bulky part of food that cannot be broken down by enzymes in the small intestine of the digestive system.

• Dietary Fiber works like a Sponge to hold Water. As a result of this we have transit time in rural diets 35 hours and stool is 500g, and western refined diet transit time is 77 hours and stool is 100g.

1. There are two kinds of fiber: soluble and insoluble.

• When soluble fiber finally reaches the colon, bacteria ferments soluble fiber into a gel that helps to soften stools, lubricate the colon lining and promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

• In the colon, insoluble fibers swell up with water expanding to about twenty times their original size. These water logged fibers create volume and weight in the stool as it is formed.

And all these things are eligible and very helpful, and by its nature this is the best cure for constipation! Also stools with good volume and weight stimulate muscle contractions in the colon. These muscle contractions move the stool through the colon. (And not only for constipation are good fiber but for many other diseases and conditions. More you can read here...)

2. Where can I find fiber?

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And basically all plant foods contain some of both. Although different plant foods contain different amounts of each and in different ratios. Dietary fiber is NOT found in foods of ANIMAL ORIGIN.

3. How much we need:

Dietary Fiber Needs is 35 grams / day and western diets have only 11-18.

And how much fiber children need? alt text

• So it’s clear that this acting mechanism of the fiber makes this substance very natural remedy and very powerful. For constipation fiber is the most natural remedy and the easiest way hot to cure constipation.

• Now we can chose between fiber and constipation, although maybe it seems unclear and problematic to change food habits, but maybe only thing we need is to learn how to cook this foods rich with fiber, and to enjoy it! But vegetarian food can be also very tasty, if the combination is right, and with all the varieties of grains, vegetables, fruits,seeds beans and roots.More about preparing fiber rich food you can read here...


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