What Foods Cause Constipation?

• About this issue,what foods cause constipation, we can say in a first place that it is going to be the food with deficiency of fiber,and because we know that fiber is only found in the articles from plant sources then the conclusion is that every animal food would be a good reason for constipation.

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Most of the people are very surprised that food of animal origin contains no fiber. Because meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are for more than 30 percent of energy derived from food and the rest comes from sugar and other refined foods (which are the second group of food with deficiency of fiber and subsequently reason for constipation), it is no wonder that people here consume only one-third of the recommended amount of fiber.

Cheese, eggs, yogurt, fish, all kinds of meat, juice, white bread, all confectionery and bakery products, canned foods in powder, spices, ice cream and desserts are all foods that cause constipation!

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So it’s not important only how much fiber we receive in our menu, but also the ratio of fiber/starch, or fiber /water. According to one study among women who ate more fruits and vegetables, it was found that these women are not constipated. And even though their diet contains almost as much fiber as the diet of women suffering from constipation, but rarely consumed fruit and vegetables. (1)

It would help if we add bran to our, meal?
Add the bran to meal is a solution for people who have bad diet. Most of us do not need a diet supplement of dried fiber, fiber pills or other expensive nutritional supplement. We would need to eat a whole pack of fiber tablets, consume the same if you want quantity of fiber, which includes a bowl of wholegrain cereal with strawberries.

Plus constipation can be also caused by black tea and coffee. (2)

• So, what foods cause constipation?
-Any Low residue foods: meat, milk, eggs, and cheese ,and white foods: sugar, starch, white bread, rice, and pastas such as macaroni, spaghetti, are one big reason for this condition.

And what is left for us? Can we have still delicious food without all this?

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And not only for constipation but also for some other conditions foods without enough fiber are unsafe.We have information about fiber and other diseases here.

1.Da Cunha, S. F., et al.: Ingestao de fibras alimentares em mulheres com constipacao intestinal. Arg. Gastroenterol., 1992, 29(4):137-141.
2. British Medical Journal 282(6267)864, March 14, 1981.
3. (Cow’s milk, cheese, ice cream may cause constipation (NHC,Thrash p.67)

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