Treating dog constipation with natural remedies

Treating dog constipation includes almost the same like in cats, only that walk around a bit should be included every day.

So: High-nutrient, high-fiber diet, combined with a regular exercise routine, canned pumpkin in its pureed form, oatmeal mixed in the everyday meal, or some leftovers from our rich fiber meal is the basics to relieve this constipation in puppies and dogs.

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-People report help with this canned pumpkin about the constipation in dogs. Give the dog 2 tablespoons of canned pumpkin twice a day. It works.

-You can add some bran to dog food too.

-Also you can give to your dog applesauce or a cut up apple they love it and it is good for them.

-Check labels for fiber contents.

-Make sure your dog drinks lots of water!!!

If none of this works, contact your vet immediately, especially if constipation is accompanied by severe vomiting and dehydration! It can be from eating indigestible items and these can cause an intestinal blockage that may be serious.

*Dog trivia:

•It has been established that people who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks.

•Most pet owners (94 percent) say their pet makes them smile more than once a day.

•Researchers studying what dogs like to eat have found that the appetite of pet dogs is affected by the taste, texture and smell of the food, and also by the owners' food preferences, their perception of their pet, and the physical environment in which the dog is eating.

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