Reasons for constipation and how to find relieve

The reasons for constipation can be different, but firstly and the most important is:

1. The low residue foods. Those are foods without fiber, and the effect of using them is slow downing the passage of the food in the bowel which leads to impaired function of the bowels, rotting processes, caused by a large amount of income spoilage bacteria in meat and dairy products, fermentation processes, which are caused by high intake of simple sugars and inappropriate combination of food.

These rotting and fermentation processes have resulted not only with suppressing the importance of natural micro-organisms (for human intestine favorable), but also the emergence of harmful, rapidly toxic substances in gaseous and liquid form which penetrate through intestinal wall directly into the blood, thus flooding the entire body.

Today it is considered that most chronic diseases (headache, some cancer, chronic inflammation of organs), as well as acute illnesses (upper respiratory tract infections), is due to the ill intestine. Ill - in terms of the action from unphysiological bacteria that cause a change of intestinal contents, as can be seen in such unpleasant smell of faeces and wind.
More about the foods that cause constipation read here, or about the fiber you can read here...

2. Poor intake of water is one of the important reasons for constipation, because when food is going down slowly the intestine is absorbing it, leaving very little for the consistency of the mixture, and if there is not fiber to absorb the water, then the combination of these two factors is obvious. More here...

3. Sedentary lifestyle and/or too little exercise. The bowel needs the muscles that are helping for the food transportation. Also poor posture and shallow breathing are sometimes cause. For exercising read here...

4. Skipping breakfast can be very important cause, together with under-eating but also overeating. More here ...

5. Eating hurriedly. Tense lifestyle. Emotion, stress, changes in daily life style routine (e.g., frequent long-distance travel) is what causes constipation also: What to do about constipation caused by stress

6. Ignoring the urge to eliminate, which can lead to later development of a lay bowel. The bowels should move daily. When this does not happen, waste material moves too slowly through the large bowel. Elimination becomes painful, and toxins are reabsorbed by the system, placing an overload on the liver and kidneys. All waste in the body should be expelled within 18-24 hours...Also constricting bands of clothing can have influence.

7. Constipation tends to be common during pregnancy.

8. Persons with spinal injuries may have problems with constipation, due to damage to certain nerves.

9. Certain medical conditions (like an under active thyroid or cystic fibrosis), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), mental health problems, neurological diseases, or medications may be the reason for your constipation. More serious causes, like colon cancer, are much less common.

Acute illness; increasing use of pain pills, especially opiate- and narcotic-based; abuse of laxatives which often leads to desensitization of the bowels motility; specific medical disorders, such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and strokes can be secondary reasons for constipation. But all this conditions are followed by other symptoms which can enable the diagnose with the help of your personal doctor.

All this together can be causes of chronic constipation, which complicates our life, but when we know what causes constipation than we can go step forward and find solutions!

Is good to know the cause, then we can understand the cure!

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