Treatment of cat constipation: Home natural remedies

Home treatment of cat constipation include: boiled butter nut pumpkin,oatmeal mixed in the everyday meal,or some leftovers from our rich fiber meal.

Boiled butter nut pumpkin is one of the most effective natural remedy,and we can give 2 tablespoons mashed with each meal.

Or we can use canned pumpkin, for a cat with bad constipation. We can mixed it in his food and even shot it into his mouth with a syringe.

Some cats enjoy beans, pumpkin, or even fruits and veggies.

And using milk like a food for cats is really bad news. Some information about milk and constipation you can read here...

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Reasons: As a common cause of constipation is dietary and a change in diet is a good starting point for dealing with this condition.

Other Reason: hair balls, ingestion of foreign bodies, dehydration, obstructions caused by tumors or masses blocking the large intestine to name a few.

If this regular natural remedies for constipation in cats does not bring relieve very soon, you need to visit your vet.

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You can look for commercial high fiber cat foods, which are formulated for senior cats. These cat foods contain more fiber and less fat than average commercial cat foods.

You can add too a tablespoon of olive oil to the dry food.

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It is difficult to watch them suffer, isn't? They bring so much joy to our lives!

Some sources claim that stroking a cat can lower one's blood pressure!When your cats rubs up against you, she is actually marking you as "hers" with her scent. If your cat pushes his face against your head, it is a sign of acceptance and affection.

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